Chapter One: About Luna

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One day there was a princess named Luna she lived in a castle she don't have mother nor a father her parents died when she was 13 years old. When her parents died she don't know what to do but once she saw a woman bringing food to the castle and the woman gave her foods Princess Luna is so happy because she is not lonely in the castle. 3years ago it was her 16th birthday only Luna and the woman who celebrated her birthday. But One day a strange man go inside the castle but Luna and the woman don't know if someone is inside the castle. The strange man go inside the woman's bedroom and bring a poisonous food then the strange man ran away. Next morning the woman waked up and find a food suddenly she saw a food she don't know if it is poisonous but she ate it! She fainted, Luna waked up and take a bath and she go to the kitchen and saw the woman she shouted "nooooo!" Then the woman died she wants to revenge who did that to the woman. Next day Luna ran away far from the castle and go to a forest she saw a little house and go on it. When she entered the house she saw a old woman and she don't know that the old woman is a witch. A while ago Luna said to the old woman that she wanted to have powers. And the old woman said it is impossible that a 16 year old girl had a power. Next day the princess woke up in a old house and she remembered what she said in the old woman but when she kicked a big rock the big rock just collapsed and she was shocked about it and when she wondered if she has a powers she tried if she had powers but when she tried she really have powers! She tried to revenge, she go back to the castle and get what she all want but when she saw a village she wonder that one of the villager killed the woman and Princess Luna destroyed the village and the villagers died but suddenly one man go to her and said "Princess why did you destroyed our village you are becoming bad but when you are kid you are so kind to us, why did you do that?" Princess Luna replied "I want to revenge! All of you!" And she killed the man. That was called The Dark Princess.      

I will make Chapter Two. 

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