Me and my strange mind

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My mind: what would happen if you met a boy named Sue?

Me: hahahaha! Who names their son Sue?!😂

My mind: bad parents

Me: if I was a bad parent I still wouldn't name my boy Sue! Probably bartholomew.

My mind: yeah, I'm sure your kid would get bullied more than Sue over there if you named him that.

Me: how dare you?! You're the one that came up with that name since you're my mind!

These two guys have been looking at me for 15 minutes straight thinking...

Guy 1: is she possessed and talking to a demon? is she mental?*Gasp* Is she talking to an invisible person?!

Guy 2: no! You idiot! She is talking to her telekinetic family. Or she could be talking to her mind.

Guy 1 looks at guy 2 like he's crazy.

Guy 1: and you think I'm weird!

Guy 2: dude, you just thought she was freakin' possessed!

Guy 1: yeah, but still...


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