Chapter 9

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Luke's POV:

After all that has happened tonight I can't give up. Especially with Karen, I have to keep an eye on her.

There's like four more hours until the purge ends but it feels like we have been out here forever.

We were currently in a dark neighborhood. It was terrifying but there was literally no where else to go.


After about 15 minutes of walking we found a empty space behind a building. We decided to take sit and just stop walking for a bit.

"Luke, is this almost over," Sydney questioned me.

"Yes, princess. A couple more hours okay," I answered her question while wrapping my arms around her.

Sydney, Riley and Ben shouldn't be going through any of this. Sarah didn't deserve to pass away the way she did. They're just kids and they shouldn't be risking there lives once a year for this.

"Hey, mate," Michael said.

"Huh," I asked.

"I heard a few gun shots, I think we should get going," he said grabbing Sydney from my arms to carry her.

"Ugh, yeah let's go," I said getting up.

Once I noticed that everybody was together, we began to walk again.

I didn't know where we were going, but hopefully no where bad but I doubt it.

While we were walking to who knows where we heard the emergency broadcast system say,

"Three hours for commencement to be over".

Great that's just great, we're stuck somewhere outside, we have little kids with us and a car is coming our way.

WAIT A CAR!!!! FUCK!!!!!

"Run," Lily yelled taking a hold of Riley.

We all started bolting. Nobody was paying attention to the bullets being fired. I noticed from the corner of my eye that they were shooting arrows too.

Somebody fell to the floor but we didn't know who.........

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