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“Yay! Alex!” They all cheered when the bottle that I spun landed on Alexa.

I looked up at her and her eyes were wide open.

“You you have something to ask her, Luke?” Michael asked me.

“Uh… truth or dare?” I asked Alexa.

She looked at me.

“Let me ask you first.” She said.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Why did you and your “special someone broke up?” She looked at me straight in the eyes.

“Uh…” was the only thing the left my mouth.

“Uh… what?” She mocked me.

I know that she’s very nervous. Her hands were kinda shaking but her face looked so strong.

 “Um… I actually broke up with her.” I answered.

“Why? That’s so cold of you.” Calum commented.

“I know right?” Alexa said in agreement.

“Why would you do that?” Ash asked.

“I have my own reasons okay?!” I snapped.

“Can we just go back to the game?” Jessie asked.

We all nodded.

“Now… Alexa- Alex.” I stuttered.

My heart was pounding so much.

“Truth or dare?” I asked Alexa.

“Truth.” She answered.

“Okay-“ I got cut off by Michael.

“I got one.” He said.

“I got one too!” I almost shouted, looking at him.

“Sorry man.” Michael raised his hands, giving up.

“Okay. Before you and Ashton happened, was there someone else? An ex maybe? Tell us the truth.” I asked Alexa.

“There was.” She answered bravely. “I loved him so much but he let me go. He actually broke up with me with no reason leaving his mouth.” She looked at me, tears visible on her eyes.

“I changed because of our break up. I started wearing black every day. I always wear his Nirvana shirt because that is his favorite shirt. I cry almost every night because of him. And I hope he’s hearing this right now to know how much hurt he has given me. But… I have Ashton  now… he makes me happy so much and I feel loved.” She continued.

“So it’s okay if your ex doesn’t come back anymore?” I asked trying to fight back my tears.

My heart broke into million pieces when Alexa nodded vigorously.

She looked at Ashton and smiled.

I wanted to speak but there was a lump on my throat.

Alexa was about to spin the bottle but I stopped her.

“What if he comes back and says sorry? What if he did really have a valid reason but he was just too scared to say it?” I asked her.

“If the reason was valid then he has nothing to be scared at. And… I don’t know what will happen if he ever come back to me.” She answered.

She tried to hide her tears but I caught it. Her tears were falling down her cheeks.

She stood up and walked out of the room, Jessie hot on her heels. Ashton was about to stand up but Michael stopped him.

“Let them talk Ash.” Michael said.

“Why would you do that to her?!”


“ALEX!” I can hear Jessie shouting. “ALEX STOP!”

I kept on running. I ran down this hotel using the stairs. My vision’s kinda blurry because of my tears.

“ALEX PLEASE!” Jessie shouted again, her voice echoing.

I just kept on running until I was out of the hotel. I wanna be alone. I wanna cry alone.


I got out of the hotel but Alex was nowhere to be seen.

I groaned and walked back inside.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and searched for Alex’s number. I tried calling it but it was no use. I then searched for Ashton’s number. Shit! I don’t have it. I used the lift to go up. I quickly opened Ashton’s door and saw that Calum and Michael are trying to calm him down.

“Stop fighting!” I shouted.

They all looked at me. Ashton was about to speak but I spoke first.

“Alex’s gone! We need to find her!” I shouted louder this time. “She got out of the hotel.”

Ashton tried to break away from Calum and Michael’s grasp and he was successful. He got out of the room ready to look for his girlfriend. I started to walk out too, the rest of the boys hot on my heels. I ran towards Ashton who was waiting for us, I think, inside the lift. As we all got in, Calum pressed close and down.

“Do you have any idea on where we could find Alex?” Luke asked me.

“Fuck you.” Ashton mumbled.

“Calm down.” I told Ashton. “I have no idea Luke.”

“Well… how can we find her?” Michael asked.

The doors opened. We got out and walked out of the hotel.

“Wait!” I shouted then they all looked at me.

“I think… we should look for a place that is small. A dark place if possible.” I said.

“Where can we find a dark place? It’s so sunny.” Calum asked. Stupid!


“Alright! Chill.” Calum said.

I just rolled my eyes and started to walk.


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