6: bentos for him

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Arghhhh thats it!!!

You walk up to him ' stop peeking on me!!'

He just smirks.

You: stop that!!! I don't understand any of that!!

He just stays silence and continues with that smirk.

You: why are you even peeking on me?

He doesn't answer you and just turns around to walk away. Again... he ignored you again. He never answered you when you ask him questions unless he felt like it.

You feel like you're on the losing end when dealing with him. You decided you couldn't hold on any longer. You wanted to stop doing things for him.

So... This was what you thought you could do...

School was over and you went over to look for him.

You: hibari. I don't want to do anything for you anymore. No bentos. No calling of me. No peeking.

His face blacked immediately.

' I can't....stand it anymore!!!!' You shouted. Your tears came down. You turned away from his face and tried to tone and control your tears.

Than you felt a soft pat on your head and... a soft 'gomen.'

You turned around and realized he was so close to you again. Your cheeks flush red.. but you retreat a little back. You didn't have the confidence in him.

After all.... you never understood him.

Hibari: I really scared you didn't I?

You: I... I don't know what you're thinking...

Hibari: why were you not afraid of me like the other students? Why are you so defiant? Why sometimes you give in so easily? So I observed you. You're just like the others.  So... why so different?

You: I just am...

He walked towards you and hugged you. He wrapped his arms around you and you felt warmth and comfort.

Maybe... just maybe... you could trust him.

Hibari: so continue making bentos. Just for me.

You lifted up your head and saw him smiling. You don't know is it because he's really annoying or really cold. You just gave in.

You nodded your head and buried your head back into his chest.  He than stroked your hair...

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