Chapter One

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I was at my secret place, a small house in the woods that my dad and I we built when I was 7, just when I moved in with him when my mom died, now he's gone too, maybe he wasn't the best dad but he was my dad anyways and I loved him.

I'm Danielle Lovato Edwards, I'm 15 now and I live in an orphanage since I was 11, you probably wonder why if my dad just died a year ago, The thing is that my dad couldn't take care of me, besides his mental issues, he was suffering cancer, he didn't had a job so they took me to an orphanage, they allowed me to visit him at the hospital once a week for those 3 years, I was with him when he passed away, He knew that he was going to die that day, I don't know how, he just knew, we talked a lot that day, we laughed, we cried, I confessed to him my biggest fear, being alone in this world, my mom's family didn't took care of me when she died, they wouldn't do it this time, they hate me, And my dad's family didn't even looked for him and he was dying, I had no one. He just looked at me with a weak smile and told me I wasn't alone, Then he told me that I had 2 sisters, I was shocked, he never told me he had another daughters, asked him why he never told me about them, He told me that he didn't had a good relationship with them, but his oldest daughter, whose name is Dallas, had come to visit him lately, After that, we kept talking about my sisters, turned out I'm Demi Lovato's sister, though I'm not a fan, I've heard about her.

Now, a year later, I was sitting in the roof of my little house, trying to calm myself down, I'm meeting my sister Dallas today and I'm beyond nervous, I don't even know what should I say to her, I don't know if the rest of her family is going to come or if it's just Dallas and Demi or if it's just Dallas, I'm not good meeting new people, I'm a shy person, my phone rings, Ashley is calling, Ashley is My social worker, she takes care of my case since my mother died, is a good woman, she is my only friend, she always takes care of me even if it is only her job, we have a good relationship, She's the one who contacted Dallas and told her about me because my dad never did it, it took her a year to finally find her but she did it.

*Cellphone convo*

D- "Hey Ash, what's up?"

A- "Hey Dani, are you ready for the meeting? "

D- "Uhmm..." she interrupted me.

A- "Everything it's gonna be fine baby, ok?" She said trying to calm my nerves

D- "what if she doesn't like me?" I asked actually worried.

A- "She will, and don't worry ok? I'll be there with you, you'll be fine " she reassured me.

D- "thanks Ash, I'm on my way " I said jumping off the roof .

A- "Where are you? I thought you were in the orphanage! " she asked worried.

D- "I'm coming, don't worry, bye " I hung up and made my way "home" .

She didn't know about my place in the woods otherwise she wouldn't let me go there anymore, after about 15 minutes I got "home", I was greeted by a smirking Kasey.


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