meeting hayes

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Hey guys my name is Mariah im just a normal teen age girl. I'm 14 so today me and my 4 best friends are going to the fam tour with Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, and my favorite of all Hayes Grier. I woke up and I thought today is the day I finally get to meet Hayes Grier!!!! Like how exciting is that. My friends Kayla, Annabelle, Anna, and Janessa came to my house and we all got ready we we're all super excited.

*********meet and greet  ***********

I was finally next to meet Hayes I went up to him and we had a mini conversation.  He asked for my number I gave it to him( of course like why wouldn't I )  then all me and my friends and the boys took a Group picture. When it was over I received a message from a unknown number


    810-8521- hey gorgeous

     Me-  who is this

     810-8521- me hayes

     Me - oh hey :-\

      Hayes - what you doing for the rest of the day

Me- num u???

( H = hayes M = me )

H - maybe we could do something

M- yeah what u want to do

H- anything I don't care as long as I'm with you

M- aww what hotel are you in maybe I'll go and we can figure it out from there

H- yeah it's Hilton room 375 floor 5

M- see you in a little bit

H- ok can't wait to see you again

           End of conversation

       Hayes pov

Yes Mariah's going to come over can't wait. I heard a knock on the door and it was mariah. Hey beautiful I said

Hey so what you want to do she said. All I could think of is how beautiful she was man she was so flawless . Man I just wanted to date her already but I just didn't want her to get hate she's to gorgeous and nice to get hate

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