Chapter 8: I love this Man.

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I kissed Jake up and down his body.

"No. I-I can't do this. Your only drunk and you'll forget about it in the morning. I'm not just a sex toy." As soon as Jake finishes saying that, He soon starts to gather his clothes and runs off the bus.

I have no thoughts. I'm a blank page. I mean, I have thoughts. I'm drunk. Jake was right... I only thought of him when I wanted sex. I'm an asshole. I need to go find him and talk to him. I carefully get off the bunk and get dressed. The only thing I can possibly think about is how badly I have betrayed Jake. He is better off with CC anyway. CC was his everything and probably still is. I wrecked another relationship. I can't believe I did it again. I just need to stop while I can. I turn around and start walking back to the bus when suddenly two hands touch my shoulders. Cold chills go up and down my back. I turn around and suddenly a cloth is placed over my mouth and I slip into darkness.


 Jinxx and Jake leave to go back to their bus. No telling what they will finish over there. Now it is just Chris and I. I look up at Chris and can't help but smile. He is so important to me. These past 3 years have been the best 3 years of my life. He helped me through everything.

"Hey, Babe. What do you want for dinner?" Chris says kissing my forehead.

"Anything but fast food again tonight." I say laughing a little bit. Chris gets up and lets my head fall off his lap. I lay on the couch and Chris stands above me smiling.

"Why are you smiling like that babe?" I say trying to sit up but Chris pushes me back down on the couch. I start laughing really loud when Chris pokes my sides.

"Aww. Are you ticklish?" Chris says.

"A little bit." I say lying through my teeth and he can see that. Chris soon stradles my hips and starts to kiss me. He starts to pull at the hem of my shirt and he licks my bottom lip asking for entrance and I gladly give in. I start to pull at the bottom of Chris's shirt. He breaks the kiss and takes off his shirt, Exposing his pale skin covered in tattoos. I start to pull him closer to my chest. We break the kiss again so Chris can take my shirt off. It's like war between our tounges. Chris soon takes control of everything. He picks me up bridal style never breaking the kiss between us and takes us to the bunks at the back of the bus. Chris throws me down on the bunk and he climbs on top of me. Chris starts to take things a little farther. He starts to pull at my studded Black and Red belt but I think I will just tease him a little bit. I slap his hand away and push him down in the bunk. I am taking control now. I start to kiss him up and down his body until I get to his belt buckle. I get up and try to leave the bunk but Chris wont let me. He pulls me back onto the bunk and he starts to get rougher. He starts to pull at the top of my pants. He successfully pulls my skinny jeans off and throws them off the bunk. Now I am only in my Bra and Underwear while Chris still has his pants on. Those need to come off very soon. I push Chris over and start to unbuckle his pants. He is excited to see me. He, Of course, Wasn't wearing any underwear so I start grind my hips against his and earn a low moan from him.

"You like that?" I ask biting his lip rings. Chris nods. I hear some shuffling around in the kitchen area of the bus. Next thing I know, Balz rips the curtain to the bunk open and we start seeing the flash of camera lights. My first Instinct is to run. I start to run out of the bus with Ryan chasing me.

"Come back, Aiden! You didn't finish!" Says an obviously drunk Ryan. This was one hell of a night.


 I drag Ashley back onto the bus just in time. I take Ashley over to "Our" bunk and lay him down. Ashley sits up too fast and hits his forehead on the bunk above him.

"Dammit!!" Ashley says while laughing really loud. Oh how I fell in love with this man.


CHAPTER 8!!! This chapter is really short and I hate it. >.< But I promise I will write more on the next few chapters. Tell me what you think in the comment section.

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