Kidnapped The Wrong Girl

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Never would I think I would be in a situation so drastic as that. It was the scariest thing I think I will ever experience in my life. I was just being a typical girl but even the innocent die young. Im going to tell you how it all happened.

Chapter 1

Its summer and im stuck in the house with nothing to do. And the fact that it seems like its alwaaaays hot here in cali makes it no better. Its already two in the afternoon and im still lying in bed flipping through channels on my tv. As I was laying down my big sister Stephanie walks in my room. "Jordan can I borrow your gold hoop earrings I cant find mine." She asked me. Stephanie is 19 and im 17. People say we look a lot alike. We do both have the same brown hair texture and light brown eyes with a light brown skin tone She just has bigger hips and thighs than me. Her butt is bigger too but she's the older one so of course. She also wears some make up and wears tight clothes that make her look a little fast. Right now she had on shorts that almost go up her butt if you ask me with a half shirt that reads flawless on it. She has on sandals with her hair in a cute yet messy bun. In my opinion my sister is prettier than me because she actually has a nice shape to her body and she cares more what she looks like than I do. She always has to match and always has to look cute when stepping outside. But for me I could go around with sweats all day. "Yeah there in my top drawer" I said pointing. She walked over to the dresser and got them out and held them to her ears. "Where are you about to go? Please take me with you" I said. Steph smiled a little.

"Im goin to hang out with Braxton today" she said. I rolled my eyes. And rolled off my bed. I don't want to be with her and her stupid boyfriend or what ever he is to her. "Why dont you see if Jessica can come over" steph said turning to me while putting in my earrings. "I was thinking about that but what would we do besides be bored together." I said. "Yall can walk around or do something shoot idk think of something" She responded. Steph told me bye because we heard Braxton honking outside. Me and steph use hang out a lot but now not as much. She's started having all these boys around her now. So now its just me and jessica all the time. I decided to text jessica to see what she was doing. Of course shes doing the same as me not a damn thing. I tell her to come over so we go do something. As I wait for her I walk out my room and into the family room where my mom is sitting down watching tv. I go and plop down right across her lap. She looks down at me. "And you're laying there why?" She asked. I giggled a little. "Mooom theres nothing to do im sooo bored" "well Jordan why dont you go to the movies or something." My mom asked. "Uggh the movies can get boring too. Me and jess will find something to do cause shes on her way." My mom doesn't care if jess comes over with out me asking because shes basically family. Thats just how close we are. "Well while you're at it you should hop ya little behind off my lap" my mom said. I smiled and rolled off of her onto the floor landing on my stomach. I started watching what she was watching which was the kim khardashians show. This show is so overrated. There all over dramatic. "Mom why do you watch this stupid show?" I asked. "It may be stupid but its the only thing entertaining on tv right now" she said.

As I was laying on the floor I hear the door. "ITS OPEN" I yelled because I knew it was jess by the way she was knocking. She opened the door and walked up stairs to where we was. "Well hey there pretty girl" my mom said to Jessica. "Hey Ms Juanita" jess said back going over to give my mom a hug and then sitting down. Jessica is taller than me. Shes about 5'7 with hair passed hef boob. Shes a light brown color like me too but shes a little thinner than me. Shes really pretty if you ask me. People say we could pass as sisters "jordan you got a big mouth. It sounded like you were down stairs" she said. I laughed a little. "Jessica what cha want to do today cause I can't think of nothin at all" I asked her. "Girl what makes you think I know? I told you what I was doing before I came over here." "Ugggh let me think" I said. I started thinking and then I decided to see what Corey was doing today. Corey is me and Jessicas other bestfriend. Hes like the brother ive always wanted and he always knows the right places to take us to have a good time. I texted him to see if he wanted to hang out and he said yeah. Also hes the one with the car so its fun riding when its just us three in the car. Corey is like my brother and all but hes also really cute and he has dimples. Hes told me once that before our freshman year in highschool he use to have a crush on me but now that were really close I dont think we could be anymore than just bestfriends. Besides hes always flirting with multiple girls.

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