Chapter 25

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The sound of the alarm clock woke up Lucy.

"Looks like it's time for school again"Lucy said to herself

She had a nice warm bath,She put on her school uniform,Then a loud sound came from the living room

"Who is that?!"Lucy said while holding a frying pan

"Luce,please don't hit me!"A certain salmon haired wizard said

"Natsu!,What are you doing here? "Lucy asked letting go of the frying pan

"What time is it Luce?"Natsu asked

"It's...Holy Mavis we are almost late!"Lucy said

"Hurry Let's go to Heather"Natsu said

"Why?"Lucy asked

"Heather can teleport us to school"Natsu said

"She could do that?"Lucy asked

"Yes,so hurry! "Natsu said

"Why dont we just call her?"Lucy asked

"Oh, right,There's things called Cellphones"Natsu said

Then Lucy called Heather,After that Heather teleported the two students to school.


"Lucy,Natsu why are you late?"Gray asked,"And most importantly,Why are you guys together?"Jellal added,then Erza giggled a little "Whoa Erza,what happened to you? "Natsu asked,"Well me and my sister decided to be ourselves,We want to show you guys our true self"Erza said.After that conversation the gang noticed that everyone's jaws are open,They all looked at the direction where people are looking.

(The music What Makes you beautiful by One direction plays)

. You're Insecure,Don't know what for,You're turning heads when you walk to the Door

"Holy Mavis is that you're sister?! "Jellal asked,"Who would knew that she would go to the school like this?"Jeremy said

.Don't need make-up,To cover-up,Being the way that you are is enough

"Someone call 911,There's someone who stole my heart"A blonde haired guy called Mike said

. Every one else in the room could see it,Every one else but you,Baby you light up the world like nobody else and when you flip your hair makes me overwhelmed.

"Hi guys"Heather said then smiled,Everyone faithed

. The way that you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,You don't know,You dont that your beautiful,Oh, Oh, You dont know that your beautiful.

"stand up you guys,you're embarrassing me!"Heather said then giggled,The bell rang then everyone stood up


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