Chp 34

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Luke's Pov

Its like 1:00 in the afternoon. Lacey started her new school here about 2 days ago. Today im gonna go surprise her. Well I kinda have to go i forgot to give her some money. I grab my car keys and quietly close the door. Cam and Danny are talking about something.

I hop in my Bright yellow car and head off to her school. I carefully park my car making sure im in between the 2 lines. I open the double doors. I already know this school because Hayes used to go here. I know her class schedule so I walk over to Gym. I quietly open the doors and see them playing dodge ball.

Lacey throws the ball and hits a guy right in the balls. He tumbles to the ground in pain. The coach blows the whistle signaling a break. The girls eyes are huge and they are about to scream. I run up to Lacey and cover her eyes from behind. Everyone crowds around for some reason.

" Who is it?" she says trying to move my hands.

" Its not me" I say

" Hi!" she says giving me a quick kiss.

" Here I forgot to give you this" I say handing her 2,000 dollars in hundreds . She's going shopping later. Everyone gasps

" Oh thank you!I could pay for it on my own" she says hugging me.

" Now why the hell would you do that when you know im gonna do it anyway?" I say hugging her back as we rock back and forth.

" Now get back to work you Sweaty beautiful mess" I say fluffing her hair.

She smiles then turns around and leaves. I get in my car and drive away. When I walk in the house my whole family is there sitting on the couch.

" Hi?" I say

" Sit down you idiot your commercial is about to come on!" Hayes says as I run and sit in the glass ceiling ball chair.

" It's on!" Sunny says. I feel so embarrassed. I hate taking my shirt off. Everyone has their eyes glued to the tv. They look at the tv then they look at me. The commercial ends and everyone claps. I put my head in my hands.

" Luke your so hot" Hayes says teasing me

" I see you kid. Getting all the bitches." Taylor says

" Que lindo mi hijo!" daniella says pinching ny cheeks

" Guizzzzz stahp!" I say as we all laugh

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