Your pov

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You were happy for scarlet and rose. You remember having a boyfriend in the normal world.normal world...."GUYS HOW ARE WE GONNA GET BACK?,"you shouted.they all grew quite when it was the axis trio who can forward each held a little box."here take these", said opened it and it was a tomato ring.

"What are these for?", said scarlet who was with Japan." These rings will bring u back to the real world when you rub them and will bring you back to this world when you say pasta", said Japan."VE~ I RECOMMENDED THE PASTA WORD-A", said Italy waving his arms and beaming."I'm pretty sure we could tell", said rose laughing.

Soon the party ended and everyone was going home."goodbye scarlet I will see you soon I hope", said Japan giving her a kiss."same with me it would be awesome if you did!", said Prussia also giving rose a kiss.

"Oh we will and it will be soon but I think we should go now girls"

You say."yeah I'm pretty worn out but we'll see you soon!",you say.

Then you all rub your rings.

DONE DO U LIKE IT????please no OK then

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