After That Day

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Okay so this is about the day after the girls got their punishment.


The morning has come. Every one has finallt awoken to rhe sound of a phone being rang. Everyone got dressed and headed towards the livingroom. Nobody wanted to answer the phone so TaeMi lazily got up and answered the phone. "Yoboseyo? (Sleepy voice). Ne....... Waeyo?? (Jumping into suprised voice) Ah gansamnida! Eh??? Ah okay." She hung up. "Who was that! Why are you so happy!" They asked her. "Okay that was the school and they said that we graduated and that we were to smart for the school so they are letting us go!" The girls scream with joy. "Wait what about us?" DaeHyun asked. "They said that they want to see us and they also said to bring you guys to." TaeMi answers. They all go to the living room and they guys call their friends over. After everyone came they huddled in a circle and they played truth or dare. After the game it was really akward and it ends up with everyone yelling at eachother. Their friends left and it was the six of them. They argued and argued and argued. They guys ended up sleeping in the living room and the girls in the room. The next morning was really akward they sat down and had breakfast. "Wheres our breakfast." The guys ask. The girls ignored them and continued their conversation. The guys just watched as they ate. the girls finished and they headed towards their rooms to get dressed. The girls put on their shoes and they decided to get Boba before they head to the school. The guys got dressed right after the girls and they headed towards the kitchen to make somthing to eat. So starts their day of an arguement.


Yes I know their wasnt much talking in this chapter but I wanna save it for next chapter.

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