I dare the girls to make the boys jealous.

All: *thinks* I GOT IT! *whispers plan to eack other*

<timeskip 1 hour later>

Elsa: Olaf?

Olaf: Yeah Elsa?

Elsa: Can you get the boys here?

Olaf: Yeah why?

Anna: Can you get them here now please?

Olaf: Yeah why?

All: ............

Olaf: Never mind, I'll get them.

<timeskip 10 minutes later>

Boys: Hey girls!

Elsa: 1D is so cute!

Anna: I know! I wanna date them!

Merida: They're so hot!

Punzie: I wanna marry them!

Jack: They  think that 1D is cute! *gets jealous*

Kristoff: They want to date them! *gets jealous*

Hiccup: They think that they're hot! *gets jealous*

Eugene: They want to marry them! *gets jealous*

Boys: Are you going to dump us?

Girls: Of course not, why would we do that! It was a dare! *hugs boyfriend*

Boys: Oh ok.

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