Luhan's P.O.V
In the morning

I go to school with Chorong by taxi.

When i arrive school , i see Xiumin with Seohyun again. That's hurt me. My tear is going to fall. " hey pabo , i think you are crying now. why ? " Chorong asked me. but i don't reply. " hey luhan. how are you my brother " Xiumin asked me. " I'm fine" I replied sadly. " Tonight we'll have aparty at our house. Want to join? " Seohyun asked me. " ok i will " i replied back. " oh chorong this my older brother xiumin and this is Seohyun. Hyung and Seohyun this my friend Chorong" i told them. they smile at each other.
At Chorong's House

" Chorong ah ~ Let's go now." I told her. " where " she said with confuse look. " my house " i answered and drag her to the taxi.

We arrive my house now. I see hyung feed Seohyun some food. " i'm here " i shouted. They look at me and told me to eat some food.

Chorong's P.O.V

There're many food here. I'm happy. Thank Luhan for drag me here. But Luhan looks sad why ?

He looks sad when he see his brother with seohyun. I think he's loving Seohyun.

I finish eating my food now.  I see Luhan is crying.I drag Luhan to up stair. " Yah Why are you crying " i asked him. But he doesn't reply he hugs me instead. Oh My face is blushing now. " I love You Chorong " He said while crying " really " i ask him. Suddenly he leans closer and kiss me on my lip. He's my first kiss and this is our second kiss. " I love you too oppa " i said then we broke the kiss. But i think that luhan is loving Seohyun but he just said that he love me. This is misunderstanding.

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