235d.) Waking Up

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235d.) Waking Up

Genera: Humor/Angst

Main Characters: Toshiro, Renji, Ichigo, Kyoraku

Rating: M

Du to Renji's knowledge from Matsumoto that Toshiro had been having nightmares about a certain baboon woman; he decided to play extra cautious. However, this ended up involving Ichigo, as he just so happened to be walking by the tenth division offices to deliver something.

"Hey… is Hitsugaya taicho in there," Renji asked, a bit skittish.

"Yes," Ichigo stated, stepping into the room. "He's asleep on the couch. Why?"

"Is Rangiku there?"

"No…" Ichigo stopped over where Toshiro was sleeping and pulled that blanket that was beginning to fall off back onto the small taicho.

"Good…" Renji stepped inside the room. "I have a job to do delivery wise."

"What is going on?" Ichigo muttered, just as Toshiro started moving to sit up, his eyes having shadows under them from lack of a good sleep.

"Kurosaki?" Ab…" both of the bigger shingami watched as the boy's eyes went wide for what seemed like a long time. "Pedophile…"

"Oh no…" Renji's face soured.

"What… did Matsumoto tell you to stay away from Toshiro because she found out you were a pedophile?" Ichigo suddenly pulled out Zangetsu.

"You want to fight, then… howl Zabimaru" Renji yelled, materializing his zanpaktou. To both of the equivalently older males, Toshiro let out a yelp and dived behind the couch.

"What in the…"

"I'm not the pedophile, my sword is…" Renji sighed.

Ichigo's eye twitched. "Do you know what kind of symbolism in mythological literature that swords can have…"

"What… and do I really want to know?" Renji made his sword go back to the normal starting state. "My sword, when Muramasa materialized them from us, was a snake boy and baboon woman. A certain someone has been having nightmares."

"The ego and the id," Ichigo shook his head.

"I really haven't a clue. What are you talking about."

"I do…" Toshiro mumbled from behind the couch.

"Of course you would." Renji muttered. "You two think to much alike."

"We do not," came the response from Ichigo, as Toshiro remained silent.

"Anyways, I can't see any reason why he would have such nightmares… except for the fact he's an elementary school student," Renji snapped.

"I am not a little kid!" the temperature in the room dropped.

"Not only are you one, your physically one, emotionally one, and you are equivalent age wise in soul society, as one," Renji muttered.

"Abarai…" the temperature dropped.

"My sister Karin is in elementary school and she's not a little kid," Ichigo's statement for some reason got the room to return to normal.

"Hello!" Everyone turned to see the eight division captain in the doorway.

"Shiro-chan things Chimpette is a pedophile," Renji muttered, rather irritated over the whole matter.

"That's captain Hitsugaya!" Toshiro snapped.

"He's right… proper respect," Kyoraku muttered. "I head about the nightmares, through the grape vine of course. Come here Hitsugaya."

Toshiro gave him a wary look and went over there. The man whispered into his ear, something which caused the young taicho to turn pale. "Excuse me while I go barf in the bathroom…"

"I expected him to act differently…"

"What did you tell him?" Ichigo was mortified.

"I reminded him I'm a womanizer," the man stated.

"You didn't…"

"Zabimaru says Chimpette would punch your lights out, so any use of him dreaming you up would not… work,"

"Ehhh…" the captain turned pale.

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