Allison's POV:

        I am wet all over my body. Phew! I am tired. I think it's the adrenaline rush that's why I moved fast after I got tired. I don't have anymore enough force to move. 

        I was shocked when I felt someone's hands on my waist. It's like he wanted me to stop from running or jogging fastly. I was still in my jogging position but  is slower than awhile ago and I turned to know who's holding me.


"Hi sweety" he smirked. His face is so seductive even though he's still in the gym

"Ah so you're working out here?" he asked

        I glued my eyes on him, those eyes of him that were small, it's like those Korean eyes but he's different from the Korean I'd seen. Maybe his nationality is an American. I have noticed his featureres clearly now.        

        I looked down, into his lips, it's red and it's not thick. It's thin and his Adam's apple has its form. I swallowed when I remembered something. It's big right? Golly wow wow.

"Is there something wrong with me?" I was taken back on what he said

"Oh! Nothing" he chuckled but his mouth was still close. I was ashamed that's why I looked down but it's not too long. It is just maybe four seconds.

"You didn't answer me, is there something that happened?"

"Come again your questions?" I didn't know that he asked me. Geez! What happened to my mind again?

"Here, catch!" I catched his beer in can that he threw

"Thanx!" I drunk it hard just like a water. Hooh! I am so thirsty.

"You're working out here I suppose. How often are you here?" he asked

"Depends on the mood. You?" we walked outside to have some rest

"Same as yours, is it still not enough? I'll-" 

"It's okay. Thanx again :)" we walked to the parking lot

"Wanna go to my place again?" he smirked. Why not? I wanna have some fun!


"Looks like you have your own car. Just follow me"

        We have drove in our own car until we arrived in his condominium. we parked our car and went to his condo.

        Hmm. His condo is big as mine and I was shocked when I went to his room. Why is it that it is so dark here? Because the first time I went here was it's not as dark as now. Though it's a little dark because of the color of the painting.

        I was startled when he carried me, but where? In the sofa? I feel it in my hands. Okay. It's in the sofa. I thought, haha. Nevermind.

        He switch on the light, that's why its dark earlier. 

"Haha. You're shocked maybe?"

"Yes, it's dark awhile ago. That's why"

"Do you wanna play? There's a basketball court here" sossy! This condo is just like a house.

"Hmm. You're not hungry?" so I'm the one initiating it? Okay, I'm the visitor here

"Aohw. Sorry, I have forgoten my guest" and he chuckled

"You kiddo. You should treat me like one"

"Wait for awhile" I nodded and he turned on the televesion for me

"Here's the dinner sweety but I guess I won't treat you so special, I just serve a little. We will play later, right?"

"Hehe, silly"

"Not what you think sweety but a kind of" he smirked. I smirked to him too. It's not but it's kinda? Haha

        We eat our meals. We talked while eating to prevent from boredom. We rest for minutes and here we go.

        We will play. We went to the basketball court. Why is it so quiet? There were no people out here and the lights are on. I checked the wall, there's a time schedule there if when will it be opened and close. Okay, it's almost time to close.

        Rayne got the ball from its proper place, just beside the stand. He holds the ball and starts shooting it. 

"Wait! The one that cannot shoot the ball will have consequences, game?" I think of another one, he was about to shoot it but I stopped him "ah-ah! Wait! Whoever holds the ball, he or she should shoot it, game?"

"And what would be the consequences?" he asked. We are thinking if what would it be. I have already one before we had our dinner but I forgot what is it.

"Put-You-Things-Off Game" he answered

"Whaat? It's so unfair. I have only this racer back and jogging pants" I was shocked. It's really unfair because he have many clothes that he have worn. He also have his boxer for sure because he is a 'he.'

"No buts sweety" he smirked again. You thought huh? We will see if who's gonna win and has nothing to wear, hahaha. 

"Okay!"I pretend to be angry but I was challenged on what he said huh!

        We started playing. We played and tricked one another just to get the ball. After he shoots the ball, I am the one holding it and vice versa. We are both laughing. Hehehe, Sometimes touching one another. It's like we are not looking for the ball but for eache other's skin and body, haha.

        There! I shoot and then him, hahaha, epic so he removed his upper. I jus laughed at him. And then it's my turn, I'm a good shooter. Haha. He really thought eh? He blocked me so that I couldn't shoot it, a clever one.

        I grabbed the ball from him, haha. And who's more clever between us? Unfortunately, it was epic. Oh my G! Okay, I'll take my upper off, he smirked. It's unfair because I'm only wearing my brassiere.

        I blocked him, hahaha. He is wearing a boxer only this time. I couldn't concentrate while playing. The shape is getting clearer and it's disturbing my game. It was epic again, it's so unfair really.

        I removed my jogging pants. Grrr! I really couldn't wait, he wants huh! He was about to shoot it but I blocked him so hard, hahaha.

"Ally, you're so unfair!" he said while still smirking

"Hahaha" he was only wearing brief until we heared footsteps. Rayne looked at me and his face was like we're-caught-in-action so we run far away bringing our clothes.

"Hahahaha. I have so much fun!" I shouted

"Hahahaha. Me too!" he shouted

"Hoooh!!! I hate you dad and I'm having fun with this man" I shouted again while pushing him, hahaha. He almost fell down into the water.

        We were laughing especially when we escaped to that area, hahaha. I am so happy. Because of this, I forgot my problems and I really am enjoying Rayne's company.


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