A Little Rain

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Rain was a rare occasion in Arizona.But when it did, many students would yell it out in the midst of a quiz or lesson.Others would chose to g ou and frolick in the heavy showers.Even if the weather was joyous to many, there was one certain red head that hated the rain.Eselle looked testily outside the cafeteria.It was raining steadily outside and she internally scowled.She eventually made it to her table where her friends usually sat when it was a rainy day.

Wolfie was staring out the window painfully and while Alyssa complained that they wouldn't allow them to go outside to eat.

"Dude, why the hell would you wanna sit outside for?,"Eselle asked annoyed.

"Sitting outside is way better than in here,"She stuck her tongue out to further emphasise the fact of sittg ing inside.Eselle had her reasons for not liking rain.She let herself temporarily blush and half-hoped no one would notice.

Unknown loved weathers like this.She remembered when they would dart outside in the middle of a thunderstorm and run around like idiots.Which, of course, led to the both of them to change clothes and a trip to the Principle's office.A small smile leaked onto her lips as she continued to watch the rain fall.But the grin playing on her lips didn't last very long when she almost instantly remembered the fact that Unknown moved to a different school last year.She sighed.

Wolfie watched her friend's distressed face twitch with emotion.She smiled, she knew what Eselle was thinking about and made her way to the seat next to her.Wolfie poked her and she turned to face her.She only grinned as Eselle glared at her.

"Y'Know, he could be thinking the same thing,"Wolfie said softly as to the others not to hear.Eselle's blush only deepened and Wolfie's smirk grew wider.

Eselle looked out the windows again when her friend left.She smiled softly at the thought Wolfie gave her.Rainy days may bring bad memories, but not without good reasons...

A weird fanfic :P I guess but hope you enjoyed anyway :D Plz vote and pleeeeaasseee comment some ships.

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