The Prince

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Over across the sea was another prince named Austin. Austin was very warm hearted and kind. In very few days Austin will be moving to Utopia. Austin lives on a very small island called Islania island and gets very board. As days go by Austin is getting ready to move. When Austin was only 5 his mother passed away and now has a step mom. Austin's step moms name is Maria and she has 2 kids- Rosalina, and Jacobia they are both around 12-14. Austin already has 3 siblings- Selena, Derek, and Christopher.

As the years went by Austin became more brave and more strong. Each year Austin's dad went to war for half the year. Austin and his siblings grew a strong bond. With only days till the Austin was packing and making supper every night.

As days went by Austin was reading up on his history of Utopia. What Austin found was a legend of an enchantress. A beautiful princess lived in Utopia as well. There was also a princess with a secret.

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