Chapter: 2 


I finished my last curl from my hair "That should be good" I said putting a bit of lipstick on and heading to my closet. I scan through the dresses I haven't worn and decided on the floral dress hanging there with its price tag still attach once I put it on and a pair of white heels I headed downstairs. "You ready?" My father asked as he did his tie "Yes" he nodded "Go get your mother" I nodded walking to the kitchen where my mother was "You ready?" I asked "Yes let's go" she said put her cup in the sink and we headed out. As we arrived to my Nana's house we saw unfamiliar cars parked out front, My parents walked ahead of me as I stood by the car. My mother noticed I wasn't behind them so she was walking over to me "You can do this sweetie" she said grabbing my hand and walking to my father once we stood by him he grabbed a hold of my other hand and we walked up the steps. My father knocked three times we waited for the wooden door to open revealing my Nana "Great you guys made it" she said opening it wider for we can all step in "They are in the living room" she said walking ahead of us towards the living room. "They have arrived" my Nana said as we stepped in "This is my son Marcus Winters, his wife Sophia Winters and their daughter Mellissa Winters" she said as we shook hand of the brunette women and the man "This is Anne and her husband Robin" my nana said as her butler brought in drinks "My son is on his way with his father" Anne said as she grabbed a cup of champagne I smiled as I sat down next to nana. They were discussing business so I excused myself to the bathroom once I locked the door I stood in front of the mirror "You can do this" I said washing my hands taking a deep breath I exhaled when the doorbell rang. I fixed my dress put a bit of more lipstick and made sure my hair was fine before heading back down to meet this fellow. I slowly walked towards the living room that had people laughter echoing once I revealed myself I froze in place "Ah Mellissa I would like to introduce you to your fiancé Harry Styles" My nana said making my heart dropped. This could not be happening! Harry smirked as he walked over to me "Hello love nice to see you again" he said as he stood in front of me grabbing a glass of whiskey all I did was nod slowly "Now that everyone is here how about we have dinner" my nana said everyone agreed and we walked to the dining room. As everyone was discussing different subject my mind drifted to the most embarrassing moment in my life...


I was grabbing my binder from my locker when my best friends Selena and Danielle came over "Melissa you can go and tell him" Selena said closing my locker I shook my head "I can't how can he like me?" I said tightening my ponytail "Come on what's the worst thing that can happen" Danielle said holding me "He is alone go" she said shoving me towards him as he walked down the hall. I can do this! I told myself as I tighten the hold of the binder to my chest "Harry" I shouted causing him to turn around and look at me "Can I talk to you?" I asked with a nervous feeling as he looked down at his watch "Sure" "Well I know we don't know each other long" I looked down at my shoes "but I can't keep this a secret any longer" I said looking up to him fixing my glasses "Well what I want to say is I like you a lot Harry" I whispered my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. I looked at him and he started to laugh making everyone in the hall to look at us You think I can like an ugly nerd like you" he pointed to me making me to back away a bit "I'm Harry Styles I have a reputation to handle why don't you head on back to your friends over there" he pointed behind me "and work on someone else homework nerd" he said starting to walk away but stopped and turned to look at me "Guess what! I don't like you nerd" was the last thing he said as the hall started to laugh at me. As I was heading back to Danielle and Selena with tears threatening to come out with the Cheerleader caption Britney came "I can't believe you tried to get my boyfriend" she said laughing and running behind me I turned and saw her kissing Harry. I rushed out of there to the restroom hearing them laugh and Danielle and Selena shouting for me.

--Flashback ended—

After high school my mother replaced my glasses for contact lenses, got rid of my braces and my best friend help with my make-over I have now and since then I haven't spoken to harry or even said his name. "Mellissa" I turned to look at my Nana "I asked you to show Harry the garden" she said pointing to Harry I looked over to my mother she nodded and I got up "Okay" I started to walk to the garden trying to ignore Harry's humming from behind me. "You know since we are getting married we have to talk" he said as I sat down in the water fountain looking at the roses ignoring him "Oh does little Melissa still hate me" he said with a chuckled "Of course I hate you" I said standing up "You embarrassed me in front of the school, got me bullied so bad that I had to move school " "Stop being so dramatic" he said turning around looking at the roses "You know what I showed you the garden Goodbye" I said walking back to the house "What? No goodbye kiss for your fiancé" I could feel him smirking "Why don't you go kiss the tree?" I said pointing to one "I don't think they will mind kissing a heartless boy like you" was the last thing I said heading inside. I can't believe this!

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