Chapter 8: No control

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Slater's P.O.V

I heard a loud yell come from the woods, it sounded a lot like Scarlett. I heard it again and this time I ran into the woods I was already shifted into my wolf. The twins stayed inside cause they knew on nights like this how dangerous it can be. Nick went on the other side of town to avoid me and him fighting. When full moons come we can't control our actions, but if your like me you can learn how to. I ran farther into the woods until I saw a beautiful white wolf. She seemed scared and angry. She must have caught my scent because she turned around and growled and snarled at me. Her eyes glowed a bright red, I've never seen a wolf with eyes that color before. Then I caught her scent, it was Scarlett she was the big white wolf Infront of me. Then she caught me off guard and pounced on me she was about to bite me in the neck when all of a sudden I heard a loud growl come from my side. She looked up and I did too and I saw two wolves one grey old wolf and then a reddish orange one. It was the queen and her mother.They all snarled at me and then Scarlett went and scratched my face before running off into the woods. I then too quickly ran back to my home before it got to dangerous for me.

The Red Queen's P.O.V

After I made the girls go back upstairs I put a spell on the door and made sure they wouldn't come out. Then me and mother went out to the woods and shifted into our wolf forms. We sniffed the air searching for Scarlett's scent. Once we found it we ran towards her. When we found her she was over this big black wolf who I knew was one of the boys she had met. She was about to go and rip the boys throat out so I had let out a loud growl at Scarlett . she snarled at me and went and scratched him in the face leaving deep slashes. Then she ran off again and so did he.

Me and mother searched for her for hours until right before the sun was about to come up. We found her she was laying their against a tree asleep. She was back in her normal form and I put her on my back and brought her back home where she will be safe.

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