Chapter 19: Warmth

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"I have something to tell you...."

Fushimi Saruhiko's POV:

The bird chirped the time I looked at Sayumi. Her face was serious. Too serous. I suddenly got tense. Is the thing that she is about to say important? But....what's with this feeling. It feels like the thing she is about to say will ruin my day. I suddenly felt a shiver. The next thing I knew, it was raining.

Pitter , Patter,Pitter, Patter

The rain kept on and on. Somehow we don't mind it. We didn't move from were we were standing . Somehow everything got so tensed. I observed Sayumi, still covered by tissues in her eyes. She's blind. She's blind because of me. Because of me , she almost died.  If she wasn't a King, she would be dead.

"Fushimi...." She started speaking again. Woah. Even her voice is serious. "Did you know....." I turned at her when say that. Huh? What do I knew about?

"What is it?" I asked. She lowered her head down and it feels like she can't look at me directly even though she's blind.

"I remember...." H-huh? What does she remember? " I remember everything...." My eyes widened as I heard that. What? Am I hearing things? No, I'm not.  If the thing that she remember is her memories , then everything will be worse even more. I looked away from her. I can't bare the word she will say. What if her memories came back? What if she knew that I was the one who made her blind? The one who almost killed her? The day were everything started falling? The day everything changed.

" I knew it from the start...."Her voice was in faint. It was more fainter that I heard before. "....The day in the rooftop,The day you shouted at me, The day blood was shattered, The day you pointed your sword at me....and the day I lost my eyesight...." I looked at her. She's crying.....I want to comfort her but I can't. What shall I do? She already knew it. The things that she mentioned happened on the same day. It hurts. Her heart was in hurt. I was the one who made it hurt.

"I-i-i----" What is this? I can't even say a single sorry. What's this? Why does it hurts me to? Isn't she the one that was hurt? So...why am I also in hurt? Is it pity? Is it ....because I was the one who hurt her?

"......." Deep silence fill the area. Not even tried to speak.

"F-fushimi." Her voice was cracked as she called me. Still crying,She's still crying. I looked at her. She was wiping her tears. Her tears of sadness . This day was sad. She bit her lips bitterly, forcing not to cry again. But....she cried. She can't kept it. I lowered my head and Concord her. She grabbed me, crying on my shirt. Her cry echoed. Suddenly, a tear fall from my eye. H-huh? Why am I crying? Why? I just let the pain out. Together we were crying in the cold rain.

Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter ,

The rain kept on. We were still crying. She was crying out loud. I was crying silently, silently hoping I should had not betrayed her back then. Beautiful girl with a fragile frame, with a delicate smile on her face,She's crying in the cold rain with her knight in shining armor. I brushed off her hair.....

"Beautiful girl, why are you so lonely?"

Fujioka Sayumi's POV :

"Beautiful girl, why are you so lonely?" I heard Fushimi asked. I just noticed that he was also crying. I was not the only that felt the pain....He was also in pain. I looked up to him, tears streaming down on my face. e was also still crying. His tears were flowing endlessly on his face.

"I'm....scared...." He looked at me. His tears were slowly falling down , his eyes showed that he was hurt, he was cold. His cold blue heart mixed with his warm red heart. A heart that I cannot understand. A color that I loved.

"Sh.....Don't be afraid..." He brushed off my air. Somehow I feel warmth on his arms. He's an idiot. He's also scared....yet he's hiding it. I wipe my tears, looking up to him.

"I miss you....I miss you, Fushimi...." I hugged him. His warm. I knew that he betrayed me . I was hiding it because if I tell him, he'll regret it.It looks like I'll tell him more about later....

"Me too..." He gripped our hug even more. I missed him. I missed him more than anything. I never knew that we would see again after departing 3 years ago. Handsome boy with a lonely smile on his face, with tears stream in down on his face, regretting the things he have done.

"Handsome boy, why are you empty?"

He smiled at me. I already one the answer. He was empty because he need someone to fill up the emptiness on his heart. And now, it has been covered. Even thought he was empty back then, his heart was still warm. The warmest thing I could feel now, I could feel warmth....A warmth so everlasting

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