Kido's Feelings [Mekakucity Actors]

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Kido Tsubomi would rather not be in love.
But she felt it, crawling up her skin like a serpent. It wasn't just something that could disappear at will. And worse, her object of affection was someone she shouldn't be feeling this way about.
Her heart fluttered a little at the thought of her dark eyes, always tinged with a kind of fire and determination. The first day she had met the idol came back to her like a heat wave. The girl's eyes had been flooded with tears, and she gripped a crumpled poster in her hands, as if hanging onto it for dear life.
"I'll never let Momo feel that sad again..." Kido thought to herself, almost wincing at the memory of the distress in her friend's eyes. As always, she kept her poker face. There were a lot of things the others didn't need to know about her- not even Kano or Seto, who were like brothers to her, knew how she felt about Momo. She hoped they didn't, at least.
Seto's concerned voice broke through her thoughts. She whirled around, defensive. What was he doing here?
Then the realization struck her, stopping her in her tracks.
Seto had read her mind.
Seeing the look on her face, the boy gave a comforting smile. "It's fine, Kido. There's nothing wrong with how you feel... About..." He visibly hesitated, as if doubting his own words.
Momo, passing by, froze as she heard her name mentioned.
"About who? Momo?" The girl demanded.
Curious now, the idol crept closer to the door.
"Yeah, I love her, okay? You're right, there's nothing wrong with that!" Kido growled, covered her face with her hoodie, and walked towards the door.
Momo's heart skipped a beat, her cheeks burning. "...Kido...?" She muttered, in shock. Was it really possible that Kido felt the same way she did?
A tense Kido flung open the door Momo had been standing in front of. The redhead stumbled backwards, startled. Then she felt arms wrap around her waist. Kido had caught her, and was smiling at her.
Smiling just for her. The girl felt her heart racing a mile a minute, her hands shaking slightly as she stared into the other's eyes, as if in a trance.
"Momo..." Kido said quietly, knowing she had heard everything. After a moment of hesitation, she leaned in, and their lips met in a soft and gentle kiss. The redhead deepened the kiss passionately. She had wanted to feel this... So badly.
The two broke the kiss after another lingering moment. "Kido, I... I love you..." Momo said softly, hugging the girl.
Kido hugged back protectively, holding her close. "I love you too, Mo..." Her voice slowly trailed off, then went dead silent.
Someone coughed, and Momo took a glance at her now-girlfriend's horrified expression. Not wanting to see what could be awaiting them, she slowly turned her head as well.
Kano stood with a smirk on his face, tapping his foot in an impatient sort of way. Behind him stood the rest of the Dan. Shintaro looked shocked, which was not an expression he normally wore. Off his phone, Ene was yelling about "More pictures for Shintaro's secret folder." Konoha looked plain confused, Mary was shyly hiding behind Seto, and Hibiya was trying to hide an obvious blush, his eyes seeing what could not be unseen.
Kido stared at them all for a minute before her eyes narrowed in rage. She let go of her girlfriend and advanced toward the still-grinning Kano.

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