Sophia's POV

I left my apartment as soon as I knew the rest of the crowd would be coming back.

I just feel really detached. Like my mind and body are two different things.

What happened with Elliott was one thing it's just the way he reacted plus him leaving plus Matt getting into the hospital.

Maybe I'm going insane.

I've had a rough few weeks

Elliott almost dying twice was something else

Almost getting gang raped and murdered was great too

Elliott being all weird

And on top of that Matt is in the hospital.

Can my life get any better.

I talked with Elliott on the phone and he sounded nervous. I mean I hope he didn't think I would break up with him or anything...did he? I love him I really do it's just I've known him since I was 14 I mean it's been 10 years. Where are we going with this relationship?

I love him I really love him. But I'm scared he doesn't feel the same way back. Maybe he just doesn't want to be committed to me. I'm 24 and I want to know that soon I'll be settling down, and I can't believe I'm saying this but I want to settle down with Elliott.

Elliott is just...obtuse. I love that about him but he can be so sweet and loving one minute and then the next he can be so closed off and cold.

He's been the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. He's taken care of me and loved me. He hasn't left my side even through the worst. That has to mean something. Right?

I parked on the street opposite of the hospital which was a bit unusual considering the fact that hospitals NEVER have parking like wtf?

I was told that Matt got moved to a room on the third floor so I went up.

When I knocked on his door and he didn't answer I just went in slowly.

He was sitting on his bed all banged up playing...TETRIS?!


He looked up and smiled

"Hey stranger sit down" I walked over to his bed side and sat down.

"What's up with you Soph? You look upset"

I nodded "that's because I am"

He frowned and said "what's wrong?"

I told him everything and he listened Intently and politely. He even gave some good advice.

At the end of our conversation he gave me a big speech and he was so confident In himself it was almost fact it was.

He said

"Listen honey, Elliott is the person that was there for you through everything. Did he ever leave you? No. Did he ever show signs of wanted to leave you? No. Will he ever leave you? Absolutely not. So what this knucklehead needs is just a little more time. Not everybody is just as confident as you and he might be doubting your love for him too. Give it some time something good will happen I know it. Elliott had something up his sleeve. And it's going to be great" he smiled and I ruffled his hair giving him a hug

"What are you doing for Christmas?" I asked him.

He shrugged "chill out in Boston. I'll probably party or something"

I narrowed my eyes at him "party?"

He smirked "yea party. Not everybody attracts rapists like you three"

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