Tides Will Bring Me Back

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I woke up with yet another headache. My recent lack of sleep hasn't been prolonging my health, and the decline was only getting steeper. I slapped a hand over my eyes, reaching blindly for my lifeline. The little bottle of pills that never left my sight.

Just one. I sighed, swallowing the rounded white pill with a satisfied smile. Almost immediately my limbs went heavy, letting me know the drug was doing its job. My whole body relaxed, freezing on the bed like a puddle of mud, and my mind let go. The hallucinations, no matter how horrible, are always better than reality.

At least when I see myself getting eaten alive by tigers while everyone around me burned, I can always assure myself it's only the drugs. Without them, I faced with the truth. Truths I'd worked long and hard to keep hidden inside the deepest pits of my tortured soul.

"Get your ass out of bed, Oli!" I snorted, feeling my muscles start to work again. "Ten seconds, Josh! Ten seconds!" I stumbled towards the closet. I opened the door, finding massive snakes scaling the walls. Jumping and shaking my head, I skirted around the serpents to reach my clothing.

My dance to get dressed was interrupted by a very amused Josh Franchesci. "What the hell are you doing, baby?" I zipped my pants all the way up, kicking at one of the slithery things with distaste. "You let the snakes into the closet again, Joshy." He rolled his eyes, placing each of his hands on either side of my hips to bring me closer to him. "Are you ready for the festival today?" His lips ghosted over my collar bone, planting themselves firmly on my own before I could respond.

My arms made their way around his slim waist, hugging him to me in such a way that our lower halves alined almost perfectly. "Oh, Oliver." His accent made my knees weak. "We don't have to be there until late." I winked, tracing my hands along the waistband of his jeans with a devilish smirk.

Josh walked us backwards until he fell on the bed. "So hard." I purred, lightly grazing the outline of his cock with my teeth. Josh gripped my hair in his hands, pulling me up to kiss him. "Don't tease me." We paused, hearing someone moving in the next room. "Quick and quiet, baby." I pouted, unzipping his pants so that his member sprang free.

"No boxers?" He blushed. "Kinky." My mouth started working on his shaft, earning myself a desperate moan. Josh flipped us over so that he could remove my jeans, smirking as my erection slapped my stomach. "I'm going to make you scream." I gripped onto his hair, smashing our lips together as his slick member slowly slid into me.

"More, Josh!" I whined, bucking my hips in desperation. He started thrusting faster, hitting my nerves from every angle possible. "JOSH!" My body convulsed around him, my load shooting up onto my stomach as his filled my anus to capacity.

We hadn't had time to catch our breath before the cries from next door started seeping through the walls. I tapped my nose. "Not it!" Josh rolled his eyes, but got up out of bed to leave anyways. "You're such a child." He razed, and I stuck my tongue out. "But you love me!" He pecked my lips, leaving the room after sliding into a loose tee.

I hummed, getting up to redress myself. My hair was a fucking wreck, but I decided to leave it. The twins would screw it up anyways.

"Dada!" Speak of the devil(s). I smiled, holding my arms out to collect the fourteen month old from my boyfriend. "Hey, baby." I kissed the top of her nose, making her giggle. "Did you have sweet dreams?" She nodded, going into baby babble mode while I exchanged her for her brother. "How is he still asleep?" I mouthed, and Josh just shrugged. Sighing, I gently rubbed his back to try and wake him up.

"Alex, wake up, buddy." One of his beautiful hazel eyes popped open and he shook his head. "No." He reburied his face in my neck and I groaned. "Alex, I wasn't asking." He pouted, wrapping his body tighter around mine. Josh laughed, bouncing Brielle on his hip. "I'll get mine dressed!" He cackled, running back into their room to ready his daughter.

I flipped him off, lightly tossing my son onto the bed with a smile. "We go see Mummy today?" My smile melted, and I gave him a nod. "Yes, baby." I checked my phone, seeing a text from the seductress herself. "Mummy says she'll pick you up after the show." He cheered, rolling over to his tummy to smile at me. I giggled at his cuteness, scooping him up to get him ready for the day as well.

Josh and Brielle met us in the kitchen. His daughter was playing with her blocks while he played on his phone. I snuck up behind him, placing a kiss on the top of his head. He turned around almost immediately, a worried look on his face.

"What's up, Josh?" I asked, starting to get nervous myself. He bit his lip. "They want to meet us for breakfast, Oli." I rolled my eyes. He was making a big deal out of nothing, as per usual. I sat Alex down on the floor next to his sister. "Josh, listen to me." I cupped his face, staring deep into his eyes. "Abby understands why you broke up. She didn't go all crazy bitch mode on us, and I doubt she will. All she wants is to see the two of you, alright?" He nodded slowly. "It's her turn to have Brielle anyways, and she misses you."

Josh gave me a hug. "Thanks, Oli." I chuckled. "No problem. Now, let's get these two loaded up before we're late to sound check." He bent over to grab the kids and I grabbed my fags. I had a feeling I would need them today.

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