Chapter 4

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Carter :

I always went home with Matt and Cameron. It was a Friday night but this time we all had individual plans. "So what are you guys doing tonight" Matt asked breaking the silence. "I'm going to hang out with Sophia" I felt myself smiling as I said that. "Aw look at chu" Matt said pinching my left cheek. "Im actually staying home and working on this secret project I have going on" Cameron said as he started the car. "That's good" Matt and I said at the same time. We gave each other a weird look and then laughed. "OH MY GOODNESS I never replied to Sophie" I quickly pulled my phone from my pocket and went to our messages. "im sorry i forgot to reply sophie" I pressed send and looked at Matt. He was staring at me, "What?" I asked. "Do you like her?" "Uhh yeah kinda" I hesitated. "Its not a bad thing bro I'm just asking" Matt kindly punched my arm. "Wait you guys have a thing?" Cameron said joining our conversation. "I mean I've known her for like 2 years and I think she's really pretty" I felt my cheeks get red. "Yeah, she's very pretty" Matt said looking at me to see my reaction. "I agree" Cameron added. "Aye you guys watch it, she's mine" after I said it made me realize how much I wanted her all to myself. 

Cam dropped me off at my house and left with Matt. I started to clean up the house and especially clean my room. There was clothes everywhere since I had been traveling so much. I attempted to clean everything I could. I wanted to make a good impression. Even though she had been to my house before. She texted back saying she was coming in 15 minutes. I was happy I was going to spend my Friday night with her. I decided to take a shower and wait for her.

Sophia :

When I got home I took a shower and straighten my hair. I did my makeup and I wore mid waisted shorts with a black crop top and white high top converse. I heard my mom come upstairs to my room. "May I come in?" "Yes mom its open". She walked in and checked me out. "Why are you wearing shorts?" she raised an eyebrow. "Mom, it's hot outside and these are cute" I was a bit annoyed. "Okay well I'm going to start the car" "i'll be there" quickly I put on perfume and grabbed a small black purse and put my phone, my charger, chapstick and $10 in it. I raced down the stairs going to the car. I felt bad because I had forgotten to say bye to my dad and sister. whoops. 

I texted Carter to let him know I was on my way. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, I didn't know what was going to happen tonight but I hope it'll be good. 

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