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And I'm just gonna say this fucking thing ONCE. But I already did, in the first chapter of this book. And some shippers still do not get this.

As many of my followers know, that I put on my bio that 'I DON'T LIKE JELSA BUT I RESPECT THEM.' With a smiley face like this :), it means that I respect the ship. Not only JElsa, I respect all ships, if you don't mind. Even ElsAnna, HiJack, MeriCcup, JaNna, Kristoff and Hans (don't know their ship name) and many more others. Idc if people calls me a bitch, because they're just IMMATURE.

I've come to realize that Wattpad, FB, and many more social network is to SOCIALIZE with others with friendship, and love. NOT SOCIALIZE WITH THEM BY BEING RUDE, because people can only 'forgive' not 'forget'. Even though the phrase 'Forgive and Forget' should be more introduced, but you see, we can never do that! BECAUSE IT'S HARD TO DO.

I've discussed this many times, but HOW THE FUCK CAN PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS?!

I have a page in FB, it's called Rotbtd, where we mainly ship Jackunzel and Mericcup. But, we respect all ships. We even posted a picture of JElsa because we understand that people ships it! But nonetheless, OUR PAGE IS PEACEFUL! Using this page, I saved a Jackunzel page because RUDE IMMATURE Jelsa shippers are like, RANTING ON THAT PAGE THAT JELSA IS BETTER AND NONE OF THE ADMINS GAVE A FUCK CAUSE THEY'RE LIKE SAYING THAT THEY'LL REPORT THE PAGE, AND THE ADMINS DON'T CARE AT ALL.

You know, I salute the admins for not giving a fuck, because they literally don't have to give the fucks to the fucking immature shippers who were saying that their ship is better and all. You can check that page out! It's called Jackunzel. We're Punzie and Jack are together and Punzie has like a sad face and Jack's tryna comfort her. Well, all is said, and if you see my page's comment there, which literally was commented by me, I gave a fuck because I cannot take it anymore. So yeah.

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