I got you back

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At home ..............

Princeton do you want to cum over the kids are at my moms house

Yes I we'll be there in 10min the same place right


Ok by

.................knock knock knock knock

Here I come damn

Hey papi

Hey mami

I missed the way you said that say it again

Mami he said in a sexy voice

You just turnt me on you sexy man

Ohhh I did huh

Yup now I want you right now right here ok .

Ok go upstairs and be naked he said

Ok she ran upstairs ........

He can upstairs and took his clothes off and ate her out real fast and good 💦👅 then he shoved his self inside of her raw and hard the she moand loud as fuck the she said deeper and harder he did as told the she flipped over now she was ridding him like a horse. And he was groning. The she moved down and sucked his big ass 24in long and 12in wide dick that she could barly fit in her mouth then she cum back up and started to grinnd on him so fast and so slow he just came inside of her and she came he just licked it all up


OMG Prince I fucking love YOU right now and your big ass dick 🍆🍌

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