Chapter 1

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Person: Haley come on the meeting is starting!

My dad yells I jump up out on my whites short shorts and my softball jersey. I walk down stairs to be greeted by the most amazing smell ever I follow it to the prince I just walk back to my dad and the king who is basically my other father.

King: Haley how have u been?
Me: good

I hear the prince growl and the king growls right back at him and puts me behind his and my dad's backs I just giggle and hug both them.

Me: u too are just to protective he isn't going to hurt me

Dad moved before I got tackled in a hug by the queen.

Queen: omg Haley it's been To many years!
King: I agree with my wife/mate

I giggle I nod.

I jump up and helped her up she giggled she put all her weight on the ground we do this every time to see which is stronger.

I pull her up with ease.

She pouts.

Queen: u got stronger
Me: been training with the guys more and I can do 2 thousand push ups

She nods and points to the ground I sigh and get down I feel jake get on my back I do 3 thousand push ups with a 200 pound guy on my back.

He helps me up and we high five.

Me: so Brian and Jessica meet my best friend jake jake meet the king and queen

They nod. I grab jake and grab my glove and his and my softball. I'm pitcher and 3rd baseman.

I point to catcher position the king and queen always love to see me train.

Dad: do ur regular pitches for right now

I nod and throw stricks about 20 of them.

Dad: change up

I do 20 more but change ups.

Dad: curve

I do 20 more but curves.

Dad: and then back to regular

I do 20 more but regular.

Me: okay jake 3rd base to catcher

He nods I get in my 3rd base my dad has for me. He starts out in the catcher position like the pitcher has the ball and then I pop and throw he jumps up and catches it then throws it back.

We do that about 40 more times.

We walk back to my dad hand him the things.

Dad: u 2 run the bases I want to get a lead off each base too start at home and prince hunter u can do this with them if u want.
My mate nods I giggle.

Me: try to keep up u too

I hear jake growl at my teasing he always looses.

I get to first and we get in a line I see dad put the stopwatch up.

Dad: go

Jake goes

Dad: 5 minutes

I giggle my mate is up.

Dad: go

I giggle

Dad: 3 minutes

I chuckle and get on homeplate.

Dad now jake are u sure u want her to go?
Jake: let's see if she can beat the prince
Me: is that a bet jake?

He nods

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