Louis POV:

I am just about to follow Ari into her room when she screams, "Run!" And I hear a loud thump on the floor. I run into her room and make the mistake of gasping and breathing in a sickly-sweet odor, an  immediately getting dizzy.

"Boys! Help! Don't breathe in!" I shout, grabbing the door for balance support. But the odor is too strong, and I slowly fall to the floor, right on top of Ariann.


Ariann POV:

My eyes slowly flutter open, and I wince at the bright light in my eyes. My back aches and my neck hurts really badly. I try to sit up, but realize that I can't. I'm tied to a bed. I attempt to scream but I have duct-tape over my mouth.

A loud chuckle bellows into the room. "Ah... You're awake." Paul Higgins walks up to my bedside.

"Where are the boys?!" I try to scream but fail. He grins widely.

"I'm sorry. I can't understand you." He smirks. "Do you remember this?" My eyes widen as he pulls out a little blue cylinder, and a square, electric device.

I cry out as he turns on the taser, shaking my head as tears stream down my face. He grins and puts the taser on my neck, making me scream bloody murder through the tape.

"Ariann!" I hear the boys and Jessica screaming my name.

My body twitches under the restraints and he does it again, to my stomach. I scream again, but not as loud. But then he brings it to my head. I sob uncontrollably and shake my head repeatedly, my entire body seizing from the effects of the taser. But instead, he pulls out the pepper spray. I close my eyes tightly as he sprays it all over my face. Once again, I scream and yelp as it all takes effect on me.

"Not so tough, now, huh?!" Paul yells in my face. He suddenly slams the butt of the gun into the side of my head, and the room fades to black.

Jessica POV:

The boys and I woke up about ten minutes ago. We continue to scream Ari's name but her cries suddenly stop, and we hear a gunshot. The boys and I are all tied with chains to the basement wall, and I sink to my knees as I realize that Paul could have just killed my best friend. We all cry on the floor, nearly having heart attacks at the rate we're crying at. I'm most-definitely hyperventilating, along with Harry, Louis, and Liam. The other two are screaming profanities and punching everything in sight. I never thought I'd see Niall throwing a fit like this.

What if she's dead? What would I tell her family? Friends? How would I tell everyone that they would never see her again? I'd never see her again. And it would be my fault, because I made her open that door in the first place. Would I be under trial for her murder? How would I testify against Paul? He's famous! But the boys... they'd stand with me. Unless we all die. Oh, no. What if they died and Paul left me, so that I could be the only one to be a suspect? I'd go to jail! I can't afford jail! I'd die in there, anyway! And what if-

"Wait..." Suddenly, Zayn stops throwing his fit, and I feel his fingers running through my hair. "Got it!" He almost smiles, but none of us really can. Not now. He takes my bobby pin and moves it around in the lock on my chains, and the suddenly fall to the floor. My eyes widen and I wrap my arms around Zayn's waist, then help get him and the others free. We run to the top of the stairs and as soon as I open the door, I tackle Paul from behind along with Harry and Liam.

We get him to the ground and knock him out, just in time for the police to show up.


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