Chapter Eighteen

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"Charlie Malik has been spotted yesterday evening smoking a cigarette outside a local tatoo father like son? you'll find out soon on-"

That's all I manage to get out of this situation.

Oh wowie I smoked let's call the fucking world and make sure my parents look bad aswell!

I got home yesterday and they weren't even here. I assume they had a meeting and came back when I was asleep because when I woke up at around noon, I was given the "were disappointed in you" stares.

They haven't even spoken to me,they just went into my room and dug through my drawers for a bit until they found my lighter and smokes.

"This is stupid. just talk to me guys please." I begged them.

They just looked ahead not even bothering to pay the slightest but of attention.

Screw up, you disappoint everyone, you ruin peoples lives.

You deserve it.

Go on do it.

You deserve it.

"Whatever." I mumbled and left the room.

Fuck up

You ruin everything

They're gonna send you back now, this is the opportunity they were waiting for.

I open my curtains and sit cross legged looking out at the world from my wonderful windows.

As I start to drift into the monstrosity that is my thoughts a buzzing is heard for my desk.

I get up and get my phone.

Del: you look lonely.

I run back to the window and see her sitting the same way I was but with a huge grin on her face.

Me: that's because I am.

Me: come over?

I look up from my phone and see her staring down at hers.

Del: your family will kill me.

Del: but what's life without a little adventure right? :)

Me:see you in five?

I send and look up at her again but she's not there.

I frown for a second and feel my phone buzz in my hand, I look down at it and.

Del: maybe even less.

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