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chapter 3: the day that never seemed to end

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May third,2014 and I'm at school thinking.

I'll find the person who did this to my uncle.
I'll find him, her, or them and they'll regret the second they let that bullet pierce his skin.

"Hey I herd your uncle died, drive by right? yeah i was there I saw him fall," said a random Dip-sh*t who had the f_cking nerve to tell me the words that burned into my brain.
I felt my fist get tight and my body turn, I couldn't do this to my mom she's going through enough already. First my dad leaves her, then my uncle dies, I don't want to have to explain why I punched a kid in the face so I just didn't.

I couldn't do this to my uncle either. He raised me better than that.

I wrote a poem that night.
I thought it was gonna be my last one but my uncle said he wanted to read all of them so I won't stop until i've filled every page.

When I got home my mom told me that we had just enough money to get him a cremation but not a service. So I stayed home writing.

He left our lives ever so swiftly

But he remains in our hearts for eternity

If there's a god out there he's keeping him safe

He's in aure to be in a better place

Though my head tells me he's gone

I know he lives forever in our hearts

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