Chapter 4

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It only happens once in a blue moon when Angeline's mom is able to drive them home. It will happen in this chapter so your lucky to wittnes her. You will be able to hear from her later on deeper into the story.





~Angeline's POV~

As I sat in my moms car, I was thinking about what Ray said earlier.


I can't believe I actually got jelouse at her for nothing. I laughed at my self and my selfish mind. I learned one thing from all of this, I don't like any thing or any one taken away from me. Typical.

Just as I was staring at the trees rush by, my mom cleared her throught which made my head snap towards her.

"What?" I asked her in a emotionless voice knowing that she was reffering to something.

"Are you alright? You've been awfuly silent and you suddenly laughed. What's up with you? And don't lie to me." She said seriously. I sighed while averting my gaze from her and back to the trees rushing by, ignoring her question.

"Don't ignore me young lady. Spit it out." She said without averting her gaze from the road.

I sighed heavily "I don't have a problem mom. I'm fine."

"Really? Your voice says other wise."

I hate the way she's able to identify if I'm lying or not through my voice. "Is this about a boy? You can tell me sweet heart, I've also been there. It's normal." How the hell does she do that? Earlier she knew I was lying now she knows what I'm thinking about. Is she really my mom or a mind reading alien?

"I don't want to talk about it." I said stubornly. Mainly because my sisters were sitting on the back seat probably listening to every word we said and I know if they find out, they'll teas me to death later on. 

Then, it happend again. "Don't worry,  your sisters are asleep." She said while pointing at the two sleeping monsters at the back seat. Seriously mom, quit that.

I finally gave up giving her a sigh before spilling the beans. "Well, eariler today... at the bus... I-I met a guy." I paused to think of how to explain the whole ordeal to her without embarassing my self.

She kept silent prompting me to continue. I was also trying to adapt to her being here listening to me since most of the time she was out and if she wasn't she would be yapping on her phone through out the whole ride home.

I swallowed a lump in my throught and continued. "He was really good looking. He was really nice to me though we only met." I said laying out every single detail I knew.


"And..." I thought for a while. What other things did he do for me. It took some time until I finally remembered a little detail I almost left out "... he is alway woried about me." I said while a little blush crept up my face.

"Really? He worries about you? Why can you say that?"

"Well, he's been asking me if I'm alright every time I seemed sad or sick in his point of view."

"Wow. He's a really caring person. Especially towards you." She said while grinning suspiciously at me. My mom really didn't get angry every time I talked about likeing a guy. She was actually supporting the thought. She would tease me about the guy.

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