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We strung the grounder up by his hands and bound his feet together. I look at him, all the anger and worry I had for the past few hours just hits me and I punch him just to get it all out. He had taken my sister, taken her from me and put her in danger. He has shown that I failed to protect her and I don't fail.

"How many of you are there?" I ask.

I wait a few seconds but he doesn't reply, I punch him again, once across the face, and then the ribs.

I ask again "How many of you grounders are there?" And still recieve no reply from him, I punch him again, across the face. For several minutes I keep asking the question each time not receiving an answer.

"Ok of you're not going to tell me that, then at least tell me what you wanted and did with my sister." I take a breath in, he just glared at me, which earned him another punch in the ribs.

He hung his head and groaned. "Answer me!" I yell at him. He looks up and spits blood from his mouth.

My anger takes over and I send several more punches his way and then turn away, breathing heavily and trying to calm myself down.

One of the boys pass a cloth my way and I wipe the blood off my knuckles and the sweat and dirt mixture off my face.

Octavia bursts through the latch and Miller pops up with a bloody nose saying "I tried Bellamy, I really did try." I roll my eyes and Octavia starts making her way over to the grounder with glassed over eyes and tunnel vision.

I immediately step in front of her and wake her up from her trance like state which then earns me a dirty look. "Bellamy he did nothing wrong he actually helped me." She states, i narrow my eyes at her confused.

"Octavia, you may think he did nothing wrong but he could have lead a massive grounder army here and I want answers about everything." On the word 'everything' I look over at the grounder and glare, to which he returns with a half and eye and a closed bloodied one.

"But he-" she starts to try and make her way over to the bastard, but I gently push her shoulder back causing her to stop.

"No O, I don't want to hear it. Miller get her out of here and lock the door." Miller grabbed her arm and pulled her out, I would say kicking and screaming, but that's an understatement.

"Bellamy, you son of a bitch." She shouts and her words hit me. She would rather side with the man standing in front of me that kidnapped her, instead of her own brother.

I just turn around and punch the grounder right across the face. Making sure he got the full impact and that it hurt. He just drove a wedge between my sister and I and he was going to pay.


"Ok mom." I ready myself to take the knife out. Octavia was just being dragged out by Miller, screaming and yelling something about Bellamy and Raven was standing prepared for when I took the knife out.

I had checked all the things my mom wanted me to check and made sure that it was ok to take the knife out. She had just given the final instruction to actually pull it out.

I gripped the handle and nodded at Raven and pulled. Raven covered the wound with the cloth and I helped put pressure.

Jasper groaned again and as Raven removed the cloth I poured some moonshine on and then wiped it clean, there was a bit of blood coming through but, it wasn't bad compared to what would have happens if they took the knife out before.

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