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I wanted to kill someone. Abduct someone. I wanted to lock him up on a volt full of ants, and the ants would eat him alive until no parts of his body left anymore. I wanted to shave his scalp. I wanted to rip out his vocal chords. I wanted to fork out his eyeballs on its sockets. I wanted to tie him up side down on a tree in the middle of the forest and leave him with wild lions.

It has been five hours since I stayed inside this cubicle in the restroom. It has been five hours since I wanted to be a professional killer. Kill all human beings that I would encounter. Let them feel what kind of pain I was feeling right now. I felt the world fall upon me. I felt that I have been stabbed on my chest until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Wait a minute. I have been so over dramatic there. The truth was. Since, that jerk said “No”. I rushed here, inside the end cubicle of the restroom. And since then, I had been crying here and draining all of the fluids in my body for five hours. So dramatic, right? But that’s what I felt! It is my dream! My dream! My dream!

Anyway, I think it’s now time for me to go home. Nothing will change if I just stayed here. My problem now is how I am going to have money. I can’t call my family and tell them that I failed. I don’t want them to be burdened by me. So I think I need to find a job tomorrow. For now, I need to go back to my apartment first. Avoid all the human beings in this building because I might kill them. Don’t hate me. But it was all that jerk’s fault.

I ran outside the restroom, hiding my messed face. My eyes are so puffy and my eyeliner ran down my face, I looked like a panda.

As I got outside the building, I hailed a taxi. Snobbed. “Taxi!” I shouted. Snobbed again. “Taxi!” I shouted again and louder this time.


-After one hour-

Yehey! I am so lucky. I am super lucky that I am still here outside that stupid building hailing a taxi and they were just ignoring me like I didn’t exist.  Did something happen to me that I didn’t know? Am I. Am I. Am I dead? (O.O). No it can’t be. I can still feel my body and if I am dead I could pass through doors and walls, right? And I can’t do it, so I am one hundred and one percent sure that I am not dead. Yehey! Thank goodness. But why are they ignoring me? Hello, World?! I’m right here! I’m standing right here! Can’t they see my beautiful face? I can’t believe it. It’s their lost that their ignoring this beautiful creature right here. Ooops! Wait a minute. My face? Oh my... I forgot that I looked like a mental patient right now that just escaped from mental hospistal. I understand them now. Even I, myself, I will, not let a mental patient inside my car.

I walked a little and noticed that I am on the outside parking lot of Golds Recording Company. I walked again and saw on the corner of my eyes, a color red. A shining red! I half pivoted and saw it. A shining red Ferrari! My blood boiled and I walked towards it.

“You!” I shouted pointing at the Ferrari.

“You! You! You!” I repeated. “You’re so lucky! All you have to do is just park there all day and wait for your owner, while I’m here hailing a cab for hours!”

I kicked its tire. “I hate you!” kicked. “I hate your owner!” kicked. “I hate that stupid jerk!” kicked. “I hate Golds Recording Company!” kicked. “I hate New York!” kicked. “I hate sushi!” kicked. “I hate frogs!” kicked. “I hate clowns!” kicked. “I hate eggpla-“

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