Chapter 18

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I woke up in the morning to Gilinsky shaking me lightly. "Good morning" he said smiling.

When we got to school I started walking towards my locker when I turned the corner I saw Cameron standing by it. I turned around and he ran and grabbed my arm I turned back towards him.

"You didn't give me a chance to explain."

"Oh and I should let you explain that you were cheating on me with Brayden."

"I wasn't cheating on you, she kissed me" He said starting to raise his voice.

"I dont care what you have to say" I said pushing past him and went to my locker. I grabbed my book and went into class witch sucks because he is in my class. I sat way in the front because I now he hates sitting in the front. Gilinsky sat by me and the teacher started to speak.


We walked into the cafitira and everyone was huddled around two people fighting. I walked over to see who and I pushed thru the crowd I got to the front and it was gilinsky and Cameron.

"She was mine first and you can't have her" Cameron said punching him in his face. Gilinsky rolled ontop.

"At least I would never hurt her like you" he said punching him. The principle split them up and Gilinsky looked really bad I walked over and he had a black eye and a few scratches.

"Come on" I said pulled him into the bathroom and he sat on the counter I grabbed a towel and put water on it.

"So what was that about" I asked.

"You" he said quietly.

I tapped the wet rag on his face and he skwinketed in pain.

"Sorry" I put it down and he looked better now that the blood was gone. He smiled and I smiled back he started to lean in but the door opened and he hopped off the counter.

"Wow what was going on in here" Adohra asked.

"I was just cleaning him up" I said and she winked. "I mean like.. did you not see the fight."

"I did" she said. And walked into a stale so me and Gilinsky left. We walked to my locker and I opened it and switched my books. I closed it and turned to him before I new it he kissed me so I kissed back. His lip were so soft and he is a really good we both pulled away slowly and smiled. "I have been wanting to do that forever" he said with a smirk. We walked to class and sat down.

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