Is This Really Worth It.

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I squirmed uncomfortably when I started to wake up. As I tried to open my eyes I immediately shut them due to the brightness of the room. I wasn't stupid enough not to know where I was, a hospital. I thought back to what happened that brought me hear. The words that Anthony said to Payte flooded my head immediately, "Sam you could do way better than her." The fight popped into my head. I tried shaking my head thinking of how stupid I was for even going, failing due to pain.

When I looked around the room a couple feet away Payte was sleeping on the chair. I smiled at the sight and tried to wake him up. "Payte." I said this with a normal voice.


"Payte." I said a little louder hoping to wake him.


I decided to try one last time. "Payteeee." I cocked my head waiting for any sign of him waking up


"I love you." I whispered barely even saying it. Never would I thought I would say that to someone. "What did you just say.?" Payte mumbling, a smile creeping across his face. "Nothing." I pulled the covers up to my face blushing slightly. "I'm sorry Tori." He walked over to me pushing the hair out of my face. "There's nothing to be sorry about." A questioning tone was in my voice. "I should have never have brought you to the game." He started to get worked up about the thought of what happened. "People are such assholes at my school they need to learn how to-" I started getting sleeping and everything else he said was a blur to me. "I enjoyed the game you know." I didn't have a problem telling him that. "I've made the biggest mistake ever."

It really hurt me that Payte was blaming him self for what happened. He never knew that was going to happen and neither did anyone else. I extended my arms to him just wanting to feel his arms around me. When he leaned in wrapped his arms around me I could smell the cologne he was wearing. There's just something different about his scent than others.

If I had the choice, I'd never let go of him. "What happened when I was unconscious?" As he told me I wasn't paying attention to one thing he was saying, I was so distracted by just him, himself. I studied him very closely. The way his lips swiftly moved as he spoke. The way he'd scrunch his nose when he was either confused or laughed was adorable, when he got upset discussing what went on his eye color darkened. They way he fixed his hair when stressed. I could go on forever, Payte is amazing and I'm glad I met him.

As he continued to go on with what happened sleep began to over take me. My eyes were getting droopy and I started getting comfortable. "Payte."

I said this interrupting him and yawning. "Yeah?" I rolled on my side to face him. "I'm tired." My eyes flickered open and closed. "Then go to sleep, everything will be okay." He walked up and kissed my forehead.

"I know they will be." I slowly let the sleep take over me. "Payte?"

I asked him one last time before I fell asleep again. "Yeah," he looked at me worry in his eyes. " I love-" a yawn paused me from what I was saying. "You." I said while breathing out breathing slowly slowing down, falling dead asleep once again.

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