Chapter 9

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Aria POV

I woke up with someone's arms wrapped around my waist. I groaned and rolled over to roll off the bed. "Uggg!" I said sitting up. "Aria, love where are you?" I stuck my hand up "Here!" I heard Klaus laugh. "What are you doing on the floor love?!" "I rolled off sweetheart!" I told him while trying not to laugh. Seeing as we both failed we started laughing. I got up and saw that Klaus was just in sweatpants no shirt. Was he trying to make my ovaries explode? "My eyes are up here love!" He said. That's when I noticed I was staring at his chest. Crap. "Oh Um. Hi!" I said laughing. "When do you want to go back to Mystic Falls love?" I shrugged "Give us two years! Where are your brothers? " "Well Kol left last night and Elijah is who knows where. " I hummed quietly. Two years what could go on in two years.

- Two years later -

(A/N   Okay this now takes place in like mid season 4. So Jeremy is dead and so is Kol and Carol Lockwood. Some stuff like Tyler becoming a hybrid did happen yet Aria does not know. The whole Haley pregnant thing did not happen. Silas is alive and in Mystic Falls oh and Elena is a vampire. )

I looked out the window as we drove past the Welcome To Mystic Falls sign. Two years I haven't set foot back in this town. I now had purple highlights in my shoulder length curly dark brown hair. I used dark blue contacts to change my eye color. I looked over at my fiancé, Klaus. Well that happened a year ago.

*Flash Back 1 year ago *

"Can you belive it after a year we completed the bond!" Klaus said happily spinning me around. He changed alot he wasn't all that murderous anymore. I could tell he put his best on for me he really did love me and I loved him. "I know it's exciting! Well what now Nicklaus? " "Well my love I was hoping to wait a little longer but I am choosing to do this now. " He got down on one knee "Well I know this isn't that romantic or anything and it may just be the bond talking but I love you Aria. I love you with every cell in my body and I would love to make you mine and call you my wife. Will you marry me? " I nodded blinking back the tears "Yes!" I said as he slipped the ring on my finger.

* Flash Back ended *

Ever since that day we were one. We now lived in the wonderful London and I have picked up quite an accent. Everyone back in Mystic Falls thought that Klaus killed me. Ha if only they knew! We drove up to the Mystic Grill. Well let's say I was glad for the windows that you couldn't see through from outside the car. 'I'll call you in when you can come in okay love?' Klaus spoke into my head. 'Okay but I want to hear the conversation. ' I saw Elena and Damon walking in hand in hand. God they are a couple now well anyway perfect timing. "Klaus!" My sister squeaked out. Wasn't expecting him huh. "Klaus where is Aria what did you do with her. You killed her didn't you!" Damon said. 'Now love. ' Klaus said in my mind. I got out of the car and went into the grill. "Hello love!" I said my new accent sticking out. Damon and Elena spun around. I looked different then the doppelganger now and for that I was proud. When we completed the bond my features changed. I was now pale, skinny but tall, my hair was darker and my natural eye color was now more of a dark green with brown and gold flecks. My face also had more of an oval shape. "Why sister how could you forget me?" I said putting my hand over my heart acting hurt. She ran up to me and hugged me pinning my arms down in the process. "Where were you? How are you?" Elena asked as I walked over and sat next to Klaus. "Well I live in London with my oh so handsome Fiancé. I'm fine my dear sister how are you and Jeremy and Alaric?" I showed off my ring. "We though Klaus killed you Aria! And when we get you back you act like you can just come in here all posh and new and not act like you don't know what Klaus did when he's not around you. " I looked over at Klaus 'What is he talking about?' I growled to him from my mind 'Well I might of turned Tyler Lockwood into a hybrid and killed the mayor. ' he said I looked over at him to see that he was looking down and I could feel the sadness and guilt radiating off of him. "What the hell is going on here?" Damon asks 'Klaus it's okay!' He looked up at me smiling. "Aria who are you marrying where is he I want to meet him!" I look at my sister well she's gonna be surprised one I tell her whom it is. "Well I would like you to meet my fiancé, Nicklaus Mikaelson. " I say their mouths drop to the floor. "Aria your kidding me ! He tried to kill me ! He tried to kill you too!" Elena said "The bond helped." Klaus said. Damon looked at me. "You claim you loved me. You got yourself killed. I sent you away from here to not be evolved in this! Yet when you come back you turn yourself over to Klaus and now your all lovey dovey!" Damon yelled silencing the whole grill. " Damon! You do not talk to me like that!  You did what you could to protect me when I was yours. I am no longer yours. I had to learn to be a vampire by myself! No one was there!  Then you fell head over heels for my sister. What am I to you?" I said "Damon you can play with my sister all you want. I had a bond between three originals that caused me hell. I am not your plaything Damon! I grew up its time you do to." I growled at him "Jeremy is dead!" He yelled. What no. No no no no. 'Love it's okay calm down!' Klaus yelled through my head but it sounded more like a whisper. " Me mittebant!" I whispered closing my eyes to awaken in a forest somewhere outside of  Mystic Falls. I cry out and collapse to the ground crying. "I'm guessing you heard?" I heard a voice ask. "My brother died!" I said looking up I saw Jer standing there. I ran up to give him a hug but ran through him "That's not the worst. Elena is a vampire and Alaric is dead. " Elena a vampire. "How come I can see you?" I asked "Close to me enough to see me I guess or it could help because your a witch. " Jeremy shrugged "Bonnie and I will find a way to bring you back." I say before he disappears. I resume to crying when a surge of power comes out and all the trees near me fall down. "ARIA!" Klaus yelled. I looked up to see him standing there in front of me before hugging me. I cried into his chest. "He died Klaus. Bu- But I can see him!" I say containing a sob. I look up to see Damon and Elena standing there. I got up and pointed at Damon "And you! Because of you my sister is a vampire!" I yell through sobs. I bury my head in my hands. 'I'll tell them to leave and give you some time alone. ' Klaus tells me. I look up and nod alone him and he ushers them off. "Don't cry!" I hear a voice that sounds like Stefan. I look up to see Stefan. "Go away Stefan! " "I'm not Stefan. " He said. "Silas! " I said running up and hugging him.

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