Here It Is

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A/N Sorry for the massive wait. I keep editing it. Anyway in honor of the TMR movie coming out today I am posting it. Once again I'm SO sorry for the long wait. I feel dreadful about it. Also this is a friend thing not a love story.

They were in the only safe place on Earth. There was grass and trees and no psychotic Cranks banging on the doors. A civilization made up entirely of Immunes. Well, except for Newt, who had been rescued from his fate to live and die with the flare by Ava Paige. The strange thing about this Paradise was that it was run by a bunch of teenagers. Thomas, Newt, Teresa, Minho and Brenda. They had proven themselves as worthy and good leaders so the people elected them to run the way of life. Newt had the most experience with being a leader and it had taken its tole on him. He was young and very very stressed. At first he had been happy to be alive, but the stress of his responsibility had started to get to him. After a meeting with his friends about how to get kids back into schools he took they long walk to the lake. In his past he had jumped off a wall, resulting in a leg that would never be the same. He sat by the shore of the lake and soon his thoughts drifted to how wondrous it would feel to drop into the water. Th become completely submerged in its cool substance. To let his thoughts drift away, along with his consciousness. To die in such a peaceful way. After dwelling on these thoughts for much longer than he should have he snapped back to reality. Immediately he began scolding himself for letting himself slip into that place. He promised his friends he wasn't suicidal anymore. He tried not to think about it, he really did, but he couldn't help it. He jumped into the lake. Muffled shouts sounded from above him. Right before he was going to fade out of consciousness Minho appeared before him. Brenda joined them a moment later. Minho wrapped his arms around Newt's stomach and swam to the surface. They came out coughing and sputtering, Newt gasping for air. He lay on the shore silently and suddenly Brenda burst out crying.

"You promised you weren't suicidal anymore!" Newt sighed as she continued crying. The look Minho had on his face, concern, dread, and a hint of disappointments thrust Newt into tears as well.

"I'm so sorry!" He cried as a full sob escaped his lips.  "I am so so sorry!" Newt felt despicable. How could he have done this to his friends.

"Newt" Minho said. "You swore you were better now. That you were happy!"

"I thought I was. I don't know where this came from...I AM happy. You guys, my friends, my family, thats all you and you make me happy" Brenda and Minho took Newt home. Back to Thomas and Teresa and made sure from then on that Newt was okay, that he was happy and that he was not on his own making rash decisions.

A/N Again I'm sorry and I'm sorry that its not very good. If you have suggestions please let me know what I could do to make this better. Thanks!

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