56. Awkward Encounters

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Pulling my arms aside, I gulped as my eyes trailed over her. From her wet hair to the crop top clinging to her chest, down to her thighs which were covered in a very short shorts. A certain part of my anatomy twitched uncomfortably and I shifted in my seat, pulling the blanket over me.

She looked so soft, so fragile, her skin so alluring that I couldn't tear my eyes away from her. She looked around uncomfortably, pulling the hem of the top down to cover the bare area of her belly. I decided to divert my eyes away, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.

She dried her hair with the towel and then cast it aside, my eyes automatically drawing to her rounded derriere. My face flushed at the thoughts that ran through my mind after watching her ample bosoms.

"So.." she stopped at the edge of the bed and started. "How are we going to sleep?"

I kept my eyes focused on her face, trying my best not to look anywhere down her neck. The sofa was not large enough to accommodate my large built, or even her small one.

"I can sleep on the floor." I proposed, moving out of the bed.

She looked at the hard floor, thinking about the most suitable arrangement. "I guess.. You can sleep on the bed. It's large enough to fit two people." she said and moved forwards to create a barrier between both sides with the help of pillows.

Sleeping with her in the same bed, I felt a shiver down my spine at this thought. Sure I once slept with her when I was sick, but this is different. We both are alone with nobody to disturb us, nobody to stop us if we-

No, don't go there.

She scooted to the other side of the barrier and I kept looking at my side in doubt. After contemplating for a good five minutes, I finally seated myself on the bed and made myself comfortable.

The tension in the air was so thick that it became difficult for me to breathe. The light was now turned off, with only the dim light of a lamp illuminating the room.

"How was your grandma?" she asked after a moment, trying to ease the tension.

"She's fine." I said briefly and then once again, the awkward silence prevailed.

"How's your prep for finals?" I started this time to divert my mind from her legs.

"Fine." she smiled.


"The first round is quite early in the morning. I guess we should sleep." I said and then lay down.

"Right." she replied and lay down.

Despite the barrier between us, we were close, so close that if I just move my hands, I can reach her. Better, I can kiss her soft lips or run my fingers along the small of her waist.

Clenching my eyes tightly, I scolded myself for such vile thoughts. She was there for me but I was the one who broke every tie with her. It was me who decided to maintain distance from her.

Turning to the opposite side, I shut my eyes and hid my face under the duvet. Soft snores came from somewhere behind me and I smiled while waiting for the sleep to envelop me.


"Adam." she whispered in my ears, pulling my earlobe in between his teeth and biting slightly.

A muffled moan left my lips as she trailed her lips to the hollow of my neck, licking the skin gently.

I felt her smile against my skin as her hand traced the outline of my abs, her mouth still sucking the skin of my neck.

Another moan, a loud one this time, emerged from somewhere inside my throat and I bit my lower lip hard. Her hand was still on my stomach, slowly moving down until-

"Adam." her sweet voice hit my eardrum.

I was flying high, because of her kisses, because of her caresses, because of her-

"Adam." this time, she shook me hard and my eyes shot open. Realizing that I was dreaming, I cursed under my breath and sat up.

"Are you alright?" she asked, patting my shoulder. "Your face is covered in sweat and you were groaning in pain."

Pain? Oh!

I felt embarrassed about what happened. The dream I just had, it was so unlike me.

"Um.. I.." I didn't know what to say. She was looking at me with her big, brown eyes, worry etched on her face. Gulping, I said, "I was having a nightmare."


"Oh." she formed an "o" with her mouth.

After that, she once again lay down to sleep while I stayed awake till the sunrise, fighting the urge to wrap my arms around her and sleep peacefully.



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