Chapter 1:

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I was sitting in class, as i grabbed my iPod and ear buds. I put in my ear buds and pulled my blonde thick hair in front of them as I laid my head on top my desk I felt my eyes get weaker and slowly closed my eyes.

My teacher Mr. Williams walked over "excuse me." He shouted to me getting my attention. I raised me head and calmly took out one of my head phones "yes. Is there something wrong?" I looked at him without any care. "This is a class. Not some place you can listen to music when ever you want Ms.Robbins." As I looked at him I saw disappointment filling his face "but this is music class right? I mean I'm pretty sure the things I listen to is music, witch makes it appropriate for this subject." He slowly shook his head "I teach you music, not sit there and watch you listen to music." I put my head on my arms, already bored from this conversation "well I'm not a fan of classic, sorry." I put my ear buds in, I saw him write something on a small piece of paper. He handed it to me and walked back to the front of the class.

Detention- Skylann Robbins

Today after school 3:10-5:45

I rolled my eyes and stuffed the small note it in my pocket then laid my head back down. when the bell rung I grabbed my things and walked out the door. Suddenly I bumped in to someone, I felt something steaming hot touch my skin. "OUCH!!" I look down seeing my white top with a huge Stan of coffee all over it. " WHAT THE FUCK WATCH IT!!" The guy shouted as I looked up seeing the guy with a little of the coffee on him as well. "Who has coffee at 1:30 in the fucking day?!" I yelled "that's the time I get here, now you can you move out of my fucking way!" He whipped some of the coffee off him. " You bumped into me. Look at this shit. Now how am I going to get this stuff out." I looked at the guy with hate. "Not my problem!" He turned around and started walking down the hallway. He just turned around and started leaving like nothing happen. "Hey! I can't walk around with coffee on me!" I tried catching up to him. "Well that's your fault for getting in my dam way, Geez do you ever look where your going?" He stopped by his locker. "Actually I do but clearly you didn't or you would of never of bumped that shit on me in the first place." All the sudden he threw a black sweaterat my face. "Here happy." He said with his British accent

"Happy? Why would I be happy, first you spilled coffee on me, then you fucking throw your sweatshirt at me." I grabbed the sweatshirt off my face then seeing his shirt with spilt coffee in his hands. My eyes widen. Why is he taking off his shirt out here and in front of me! "W-what are you doing?!" I tried looking away trying not to notice "what dose it look like I'm doing. Putting on a new shirt, what else?" I looked over, my heart was pounding as fast as it could. For a moment I thought he could hear it. "Do you mind." He said to me "s-sorry, but you can't just take off your shirt off and expect people not to react to it."

He pulled me over, as I saw his chest. my face turn red."Do you have a problem with it?" Our face inches away from one another. I looked over to see some girls glaring at me. I jerked back away from him, "y-yes I do!" He looked over at the girls and flashed an evil smile at me. "So babe I had fun last night." He said loud enough for the other girls to hear. He pulled me in tight his arms around my waist. He pulled a smile on his face, he came in close and kissed my cheek. My face was as red as a cherry. I had no words. I opened my mouth but nothing came out, he put on his new shirt and walked off. I looked over at the girls. There glares became cold and hard, starring me down. I walked off trying to forget what happen. When I finally reached my home room everyone was looking at me. "Your late!" Ms. Danny said "sorry I had other things to do other then sitting in class not doing anything." I gave her a smile and walked to my desk, everyone eyes still on me.

Every girl glaring at me with hate and despise. "What the hell happen out there sky?!" My best friend Albee whispered "what do you mean?" No clue what she was talking about I turned around "you and that guy, you know the guy that Transferred from London like 4 years ago. "Umm, nothing happen.." Still confused I said to her "that guy was just some weirdo, trying to get with me." I laughed a little "then why did he kiss you?!" I could see the same glare in her eyes as everyone else's "why dose it matter?" She shook her head and sat back in her seat "MS. ROBINS!!" Ms. Danny yelled, I jumped a little and turned around "yes."

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