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"Mal are you okay?"

"Mal wake up"

I slowly opened my eyes as I see the faces of them, where am I? I looked everywhere as I noticed that I was in the clinic. Okay why did I ended up here? What happened earlier?

"Why... Am I here?" I asked and sit on the bed

"You suddenly collapsed" Evie answered, huh collapsed? Why? Oh no

My eyes were widened as I remembered what just happened.

"I need to find her!" I shouted as I stood up but then Ben stopped me by grabbing my arm

"What are you talking about? Who are you trying to stop?" He asked

"Ben! Audrey has my mom's scepter! She has it! I need to stop her!"

"What?! Audrey?! That's impossible! She couldn't have it! That thing was cursed! How can she has it?!" He's right! It can be impossible that she can have it?!

"I don't know" I said, what if someone helped her? Or my dad? But that's impossible! What was I thinking?! Of course not! What if the one just helped her is so powerful?! Or she's cursed and doesn't have any idea of what she was doing?

"How did you find her? Where did you see her?" Carlos asked

"Somewhere I think in forbidden forest" I said, to be honest I really don't know, I think it's where I find my dad also. Don't tell me that... They know each other? Oh that can't be true, I shook my head

"You need to get rest" Ben said "Evie please take Mal to your dorm" Evie nodded, Evie and I went back to our room. She also gave me a cup of tea for me to drink

"E, don't you think that my dad and Audrey know each other?"

"How can they? Your dad is in the isle while Audrey is here in Auradon, how can they?"

"Audrey is not actually here anymore remember? And also Carlos told us that she just called Chad for help, don't you think that---"


"That Audrey is cursed?"

"Well... Let's just say that she can be cursed but, how?"

"I don't also have an idea how but we need to find answers before it's too late"

I went to the museum and checked if my mom's specter is still there, but--- it's there. But what about the specter that Audrey has? Maybe that specter is fake or this is fake? That can't be. The only way to found out if this fake or not is to touch it. If I'm going to touch it, I will be cursed and it all ends here. I closed my eyes then touched it, but then nothing just happened. What? Oh no, this is fake!

I went to Ben's office as I saw him on his desk talking with Lumière.

"Ben!" I said, they stopped from talking

"Mal what are you doing here? You should take a rest"

"Ben you have to listen, the dragon's egg we have is fake! Audrey has the real one! She might use it to destroy us!"

"Excuse me your highness" Lumière excused and went out

"Ben I'm serious! She has the real dragon's egg! We need to find her Ben!"

"Shh don't worry we are going to find her, no need to worry okay?" No no no, he doesn't understand what's going to happen if she has it!

I shook my head "No no, Ben listen to me we need to find her as soon as possible, we don't know what are they planning right now, so please send someone to find her and Chad if you couldn't send someone then I will be looking for them by myself" I said and head out, if they couldn't do it then I will do it myself, evening came and I was already getting ready in looking for them. Evie isn't here because she went out somewhere. I slowly opened the door then sneak out. I took my bike and went to the enchanted forest, where are they?

I looked from my right and left every time I passed on the road, but then I couldn't see something well of course it's also dark. I stopped and decided to find them to the forest. I took a deep breath, I got my backpack and flashlight.

"Chad, Audrey where are you?!" I shouted but then there's no response, it's freezing here. I felt shivers all over my body, but I don't care about it, I need to find them as soon as possible.

"Chad, Audrey where are you?!" I shouted again, where are you guys? As I was walking, I encountered a dark fogged, okay I think I should go back but it's so thick. Oh no, I think I lost my way back.


That voice again, why do I suffered in hearing those voices?! I run off and didn't mind where would my feet take me. It takes me somewhere in the forest and this place seems to be familiar, I looked around as I notice that it is familiar. This is where I met my father, why do I ended here? I saw a water, as I take a look, I saw the isle.

I missed home

"Mal?" I turned around and saw Dizzy

"Mal why are you doing here?"

"Why are you doing here?"

"Haven't you know that this forest is connected to the isle?" What?!

"So.... That means---"

"Yes you are"

That's why the isle looks so closed, have they even though that this also leads in Auradon? But why do I ended here?

"Have you met my father?"

"What? Your father?" It's strange because none of us in the isle knows who's my father ad my mom didn't told me also about it.

"I know it sounds crazy but I saw my father and I think his in the isle"

"How did he look like?"

"I don't know, I didn't see his face only a blue light" Dizzy gasp

"Hey what's wrong?" I asked as I notice that she was wearing Uma's necklace

"Why do you have this? You shouldn't wore this" I said

"I saw that necklace from the shore and didn't know that it's from Uma"

"You should take that off, it might do something wrong to you" she nodded and handed me the necklace


I looked at Dizzy as she wonder why I was looking at her "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That man's voice right now" she shook her head

"Okay never mind, let's go now" I said and throw the necklace on the ground

Narrator: but then she didn't know that necklace was powerful and someone gets it

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