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I ran until I couldn't hear the footsteps. I got in my car and sped off. And I mean sped off I literally went like almost 100mi per hour. I finally reached the hotel then ran in my room and slammed the door shut. I knew they'd find me soon. I just couldn't handle it.

I ran into the closet and shut the door. Panic attack. I tried to calm myself and slow my breathing but it didn't work. That just sent my mind into further panic.

I let out an ear piercing scream. Then started to hyperventilate. I couldn't breath so I choked. Soon I heard the door slam open. More panic. Tears streamed down my face. I was coughing and crying and screaming and every thing. I'm not one to panic but my entire existence just fell apart today so it's pretty valid.

The closet door opened and there stood my father. I quickly curled my body into a tight ball I can't do this anymore!

Breath Rayne. One in. One out. Two in...

"Sam she's right here!" Dean yelled. My instinct kicked in so I stopped crying and everything I don't know how but I did. and thank the god. Then I played dead girl. I hit my head on the floor loudly and made my breath faint.

"Sam!"he yelled again. Shit.

Deans POV

I found her in the closet of her room. She was crying and screaming. Poor girly. "Sam I found her! I scream. I wasn't even sure what was happening. She dropped a bombshell and left.

Then She passes out. Like her head made a loud thud and I didn't see her chest moving. Son of a bitch! "Sam!" I scream. Then I pick her up she was just limp. I ran her into our room and lay her on the best.

Yep worst dad ever. I mean I don't even know her name nor her mom. "Kid?"

Raynes POV

"Kid?" Dean questions.

I was exhausted drain whatever. I want to just sleep. That's all. Then it over came me the deep blackness of sleep. I was terrified of what dream was to come but all I need was ....

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