Chapter 11

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Your Pov

Me and Jungkook, is so happy, we're still together, like our promised. I smiled looking on the window, while remembering those memories with Jungkook. Then my phone ring. And it's Jungkook.

I answered the phone. He call me and he said that he'll joining the group, BTS/ Bangtan Boys, with Rap Monster, Jin, J-hope, Suga, Jimin, and V. He'll be a celebrity now. I'm so happy that he'll achieve his dream. I know that it's his dream, to be a singer, and their group is still called BTS.

I congratulate him, and the others. I'm so happy for them. But I wish that he's allowed to date, because I know, there's 90% possibility, that it's not allowed. But I'm still happy because it's his dream.

End of your pov

Jungkook Pov

We're so happy that we achieved our dreams, to be a singer. Our manager knows my relationship with y/n. 

Later my manager, called me, only me, and I wonder why. 

Jungkook, we need to talk, he said. It makes me nervous. About your relationship with y/n. I want you to break up with her, or else, you'll leave the group, the fans were disappoint if they know that you're in a relationship. It's your choice, Jungkook. You need to choose, only one. 

I was shocked by his words, I don't know what to say, it's like I froze there like ice. I don't know who'll I choose. I want to be a singer with my childhood friends (the BTS members) but I love y/n. It's so hard.

I'll go to y/n house. She opened the door and I hug her so tight. It's like its the end. I know she wonder why. I cry and tell her what's my manager said to me. 

She cried, and said, Jagi, you're going to leave me right? It's your dream to become a singer right? You don't need to choose.

I was shocked by her words, why don't I need to choose? 

Then she answer it, because, it's okay, if you leave me, I know it will happen if you're going to be a celebrity. Choose your job, your dreams. 

I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. Then, I said to her that, I can't leave her, because I love her so much. But she just smiled and said, it's okay, follow your dreams, I can wait, because I love you too. I know we're be together in the future Jungkook-ah, so don't cry, its alright. And if not, I know that you find the girl who is truly for you. So please, choose it, I'm alright, it's not the end. 

With her words, it makes me strong. She's right I need to choose that, instead of her, so that in the future, were be together, because I can give her what she needs, because of my income, in my career. But I miss her so much, I miss that time, we're together. I smile and said to her, okay I believe in you, I need to choose that so in the future, I can give you what you need. She smile and said okay, I love you, and I kissed her, for the last time. But I can't considered it as the last time because, in the future, I believe, I married her. 

After that, I leave her house, and she smiled, while her tears are still falling. I know it's hard for her, but it's harder for me. I leave her because of my dreams, but I know, it's just an another challenge, and I know it makes our relationship stronger than before. I smiled while walking, since I don't want to drive. 

I promised y/n, we're be together again, in the future. Nothing will break us apart, even death. Cause I don't love someone else, because it's only you, who I loved the most. I promised y/n, I'll be back, and were be together again soon. 

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