A Big Dent in the Big House's Wall

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Percy’s Pov

Ok… Apparently Mr. D and Chiron didn’t finish their round of pinochle, because I don’t hear Mr.D shrieking like a little girl and yelling, “I told you that someday, I would beat you Chiron!”

As I accidently walked into the Big House’s wall, I remembered something. I’m not a ghost anymore. Why? That’s because I asked the Fates to do me a big favor and let me have a second chance in life. I was so happy that I almost hugged them to death. (It’s not like the Fates could die anyway.)

Then, I realized something. I had made a humongous dent on the Big House’s wall, and there was no way I could hide what I did. Then, Chiron came out of the Big House. Uh oh.

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