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All I could honestly remember about the night before was noise. Josh was yelling, I was yelling, both of us wanted to be heard, but not to hear each other.

When I woke up in the morning, there was a harsh pain in my throat and I could already tell that I wouldn't be able to speak by the end of the day. I tossed the blankets off me and I quietly made my way down the 2 steps that led to the lower part of my condo.

I jumped in the small bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair quickly. I tossed the long hair I had into a sleek and messy bun before I headed back up the stairs.
I took the quickest shower possible and in a matter of minutes I was dressed in black office pants and a crisp white shirt that was tucked in. On my feet, I had on my red bottom black heels, and around my waist was a shiny thin black belt.

I made my way in and quickly out of my garage, leaving in my small black Audi.


I placed the copies of the power point neatly at every desk in the conference room.

From there I headed into my office and sent out emails and text messages to our targeted customers, setting and confirming appointments.

" Why are you here, Alexia?" I heard a voice ask while pulling my door open.

" You know, it's called work. I know it's a new concept to you, but people need to do this to make a living." I retaliated, not once looking up and not once stopping what I was doing. " Some of us work for every thing they own and they don't get shit handed to them on a silver platter like you."

" Are you getting smart?" The voice asked amused.

" Yes, and what's the worst you can do to me, Josh?" I asked finally looking up. The way he leaned against the door made me so angry at him. "Fire me?"

His eyebrows raised and then fell.

" Yes! you're fired." He said getting serious.

" Fine. But there's no one dumb enough to work for your hard headed ass. "

"Obviously you are." He came back.

I walked slowly up to him till I was close to eye level with him. I threw the stack of papers behind me and I narrowed my eyes.

" Not any more." I took in a deep breath. " I quit being your secretary, your manager, your accountant, your girlfriend. Your everything. I quit. " I stepped back for a brief second. "Damn shame. You were somewhat attractive."

The look that sprung across his eyes let me know that he was hurt and naturally it was up to me to make it better but not this time.

I stepped out of the conference room. " I want your shit out of the condo by 7pm tomorrow night or I'll burn every damn thing." I said as I walked out to gather my things before I drove home.

At home, I wrapped myself in my blankets again, motivation to do any thing was long gone and I didn't want to speak to or see anyone. I had turned off my phone and gone to sleep for an eternity to the vocals of an English Ginger.


The smell of old books and fabric softener engulfed me. I could feel something like a feather tickling my cheek and I smiled. I reached up to touch it and it disappeared.

I opened my eyes, disturbed and almost grouchy. I met with his bright green eyes first and he leaned into me and kissed my forehead.

"I'm here, Alexia. " He said first. In my foggy vision, I could see that his eyes were glassy and big.

"Is your stuff out?" I asked suddenly becoming cold to him.

"No. It's not." He said quietly before he looked away for a brief second.

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