Katnappe's House

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Kimiko and Dojo landed in a place near Katnappe's house that was inconspicuous. Dojo raised an eyebrow, glancing around. "I it just me, or is this the same neighborhood in which Jack lives?"

"Well, that wouldn't really surprise me, as it was in a way through Jack that we met Katnappe… not to mention all the others," Kimiko suddenly stated.

"Yeah… but all of his other apprentices actually live in different places around the world," Dojo shook his head.

"Yeah… but Katnappe was also different too," Kimiko stated, carrying her and Dojo's things while he wrapped around her neck so that no one would think twice about a green lizard walking around. For all anyone cared, Kimiko was having a conversation to herself, trying to figure out where to go from here.

Dojo let out a sigh. "Well… at least you know that they live in a nice area and the house isn't likely to be crawling with bugs."

"I don't know," Kimiko joked. "You have no clue what Katnappe will have locked away in some corner that her parents can't find."

"Yes… well, I doubt you ever hid anything from your parents," Dojo commented.

"Yes I did… my broken dolls," Kimiko sighed.

"Oh… yeah," Dojo cringed remembering what Kimiko's fear was. "You don't like dolls."

"No… it was that particular doll Dojo. The dolls I really like aren't to be played with either. Expesully my favorite set, which comes out only once a year. They are the Hina-ningyo," Kimiko commented.

"Oh… the dolls for Hinamatsuri," Dojo commented. "I think they should have had Dragon doll for the set."

"Were, were should they put the Dragon doll Dojo," Kimiko laughed. "There would have to be two for that, as it is supposed to be a symmetrical display, and it wouldn't work well in the middle."

"Well… then two is even better," Dojo commented, causing Kimiko to laugh again.

"Well, mine is one of the bigger ones, and then I have a miniature set of them too," Kimiko suddenly pointed to the door of a house. "That's Katnappe's house."

"Oh goody, we get to meet her folks. I wonder if she was raised by cats," Dojo suddenly chuckled.

"Dojo… stop being such a Dojo," Kimiko went up and rang the doorbell. The door snapped open all of a sudden.

"We are not buying, thank you," a lady with blond hair stated.

"Sorry, I'm not selling anything. I am here for a sleepover," Kimiko smiled at the lady, though inwardly she wanted to vomit. Katnappe's mother seemed rather stuck up.

"Oh… you must be Kimiko," the lady frowned. "I apologize… do come in."

Kimiko doubted that the woman was actually sorry for the mistake, but stepped in anyways. The woman then called up the stairs. "Ashley… your friend is here!"

At that, Katnappe hurried down the stairs. "I am so glad to make it. I almost thought that one of them wouldn't have let you come."

"Who?" Katnappe's mother suddenly asked.

"I have some guys who are rather over protective of me," Kimiko suddenly stated.

"I see," it was then that the lady spotted something around Kimiko's neck. "What… exactly is that thing?"

"That… that is her pet lizard," Katnappe suddenly spoke up.

"What… I didn't say it could come…" her mother suddenly became fidgety.

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