March 3, 2013

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Autumn rubbed her eyes and yawned. She placed her hand next to her, but felt nothing other than the bed sheets. "Sebastian?" She called. She sighed and figured he went off somewhere like before. Autumn lazily got out of bed and went to the kitchen for some food. After eating a bowl of cereal, she decided to read a book to pass the time. But as she read, her eyes grew heavy and she fell asleep.


Autumn opened her eyes and noticed how dark it was. She turned on the lamp that sat on the nightstand. 10:22, it read. Where was Sebastian? She unlocked her phone and gave him a ring. There was no answer. "Huh," she pondered. She wrapped herself in the comforters again, but heard a crinkle. Autumn lifted herself up a bit, and grabbed what felt like a piece of paper.

"Dear Autumn," she read out loud.

I can't bare to see you in pain anymore. You know it too. You need help. There's something wrong and you won't tell me. I don't want to lose you, but I left you for the best reasons. Me leaving you could motivate yourself to hang on there, or it could make you suffer. But I'm willing to take that risk. I'm willing to believe that you still have hope.

Love you always,


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