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Jaylee's pov

Yass we here! I buy a viper crop top that stops at my boobs and Kaylee buys the same thing but it's the sheild's.. we sit down in our seats as the show starts. "woooooo" me and kay say throughout the show and it was awesome! but the world famous words hit and me and kay are shocked








The lights went out and we're tugged on our wrists... we're being taken by the shield!

"Put me down" i say in samoan while im pissed

Jaylee's pov

We're being taken by the shield right now are being taken backstage it's kind of scary being on the shield shoulders while were being taken it when we can walk but we're putting up a hell of a fight its scary how they didn't know we are screaming cursewords in Samoan basically doing anything we can for roman to put us down it hasn't work so far though so we're about to cuss dean out when we get in the room because I want to hit him with the steel chair so badly that I will literally let them take me backstage

"What do you want with us" i say,me and Jay's long black hair flows well not really but it's really long I'm like super serious our hair reaches our butt so we are like pissed right now "You two are basically like our ticket to our titles and we are going to get those titles" dean says "and we see that your fans of the shield what are you like twins?" Roman asks "yes" we say in unison "what's your name's?" seth asks "i'm Jaylee and this is Kaylee we are twins and me are set 18 years old it's kind of weird though there's a pervert in the room so if we end up saying the wrong things could somebody remind us that?" I say "yes" Roman and Seth say in unison me and K are actually short about 5'4 we have green eyes and we are tan like Roman is and we are samoan "can we go to the next spot now or the hotel something because I'm sleepy" i yawned "me to kay yawned

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