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As I walked through the streets waiting for the sun to rise I pondered what Vasherna had meant. "usher in a new world" how could i do that. there was a static pain in my head and a ringing. I ignored it and walked along the moons beautiful glow. when the sun arose i walked through the opening of the beast tent for the arena and there stood my father. he seemed to have aged somehow.

"you finally came back" he said.

"I've not been gone even half a day" I said.

"what. it has been four years since you broke my nose."

I stared around and realized that it was true. the poster on the post was dated to the current date. no matter, I had a mission to accomplish. "sign me up for a match". I said. he handed me a board and said to sign here. and there and a few more spots.

"no robotics." he said.

"fine." I said.

and removed my metal parts.

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